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Feedback Sports 15 MM Pedal Wrench

Niel Ubod October 3, 2022


A 15 mm pedal and axle nut wrench tool combined

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Feedback Sports 15 MM Pedal Wrench

The Feedback Sports 15 MM Pedal Wrench is a straightforward, easy to use tool that serves as both a 15 mm pedal and axle nut wrench tool. For installing or removing pedals, the two angled slots provide optimal mechanical advantage for even the most challenging pedals. In addition, the closed 15 mm axle nut tool is angled to provide ample clearance away from wheels.


  • Forged, hardened CRV tool steel meant for a lifetime
  • Two different pedal flat angles for maximum leverage and efficiency
  • Angled 15mm axle nut wrench provides clearance away from wheels
  • Polished finish will look good for the life of the tool

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