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Wahoo Bike Computers

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Wahoo makes some of the most popular bike computers on the market. Currently, they offer the Roam and the Bolt. These Wahoo Bike computers feature fully customizable screens, turn by turn navigation, easy-sense buttons, full color screens, quicklook LEDs and much more. However, what we like so much, is that they are intuitive, easy to use and just work!

Additional Wahoo Bike Computer Info:

The main difference between the Wahoo Roam and the Wahoo Bolt is the size. The Roam uses a larger, 2.7″ screen, whereas the Bolt has a 2.2″ screen. The Roam also has a longer battery life and 2 rows of LED lights. However, the Bolt is the more affordable option at $279.99 vs. the Roam at $399.99.

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