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Verve InfoCrank Power Meters

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Verve manufactures the InfoCrank power meter which is available for both road and track. Known for its accuracy and consistency, InfoCrank power meters are +/- 0.5% accurate and never need to be calibrated. Verve achieves this level of precision by placing its strain gauges within the crank arm – the only company to do this.

Additional Information:

Installation of Verve InfoCrank power meters is similar to that of a normal crankset. Power meters that require you to remove the crank take more time and effort than say, pedal-based power meters. However, as long as you follow our InfoCrank compatibility guide and have the proper tools, the installation process is pretty straight-forward.

Complete InfoCrank power meter cranksets run around 850 grams (this can vary slightly based on the model and configuration). Remember, when buying a power meter, you are concerned about added weight. Therefore, determine added weight by subtracting the weight of the crankset you are replacing.

Power Measurement
The InfoCrank measures power from both legs. In addition, because the power meter locates a sensor on each crank arm, it also is able to measure independent left and right leg power.

Verve InfoCrank power meters use SR44 silver oxide batteries. Make sure you purchase silver oxide batteries and not LR44, which are alkaline. The battery life is excellent for the InfoCrank, which runs for approximately 500 hours on a set of batteries.

Communication Protocol
The InfoCrank transmits data via the ANT+ wireless protocol so the power meter will be compatible with any head unit that supports ANT+. Note that in order to get left/right data, you will need a head unit that supports this functionality. The majority of head units produced in the last few years do so.

The InfoCrank is accurate to within +/- 0.5%, all the way up to 3,000 watts. With most manufacturers claiming an accuracy of +/- 1.0-2.0%, this makes the InfoCrank one of the most accurate power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection
InfoCrank power meters measure cadence internal to the cranks, using the strain gauges to read the tangential load. Verve calls this Crank Position System (CPS) technology. CPS is able to accurately detect cadence pulses regardless of power or pedaling style. With CPS, you have the accuracy of a magnet without having to have one mounted on your bike.

The Verve InfoCrank comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

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