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What is the difference between your power2max ROTOR power meter cranksets?

We offer 3 power2max cranksets that are based off of a 24 mm spindle size and can serve as a direct replacement for a Shimano road crankset (in addition to being a great option regardless of your current crankset). In addition, these power meters offer a 110 4-Bolt Shimano BCD option, which means you can also use your current Shimano chainrings on it. This makes replacing your Shimano crankset very simple and easy.


Name Price Crankset Spindle Sizes Notes
power2max ROTOR ALDHU $690-840 Aluminum 24 and 30 mm Our best-selling version with ROTOR ALDHU arms
power2max ROTOR p2m Edition $590 Aluminum 24 mm Same power meter but lower quality aluminum crank arm
power2max p2m Gran Fondo $560 Aluminum 24 mm 3-bolt power meter and lower quality aluminum crank arm

To briefly summarize the options above, the power2max ROTOR ALDHU listed first is our best-selling version. If you want to save some money, the 2nd option, the power2max ROTOR p2m Edition, offers slightly lower quality aluminum crank arms (power meter spider is still the same). Lastly, we have the power2max p2m Grand Fondo. The cranks arms are similar in quality to the p2m Edition, however it uses a power meter spider with a 3-bolt interface vs. the options above which use the ROTOR splined interface.

Please note, the prices above are for the power2max NGeco versions. We also offer these power meter cranksets in a more expensive NG version, which is an upgraded power meter. Lastly, we also offer the power2max ROTOR ALDHU with a carbon crank arm (however the carbon crank arm is only available in a 30 mm version).

Josh Matthew

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