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Is the Assioma compatible with Garmin?

Yes, the Favero Assioma power meter is compatible with Garmin bike computers. Both the Assioma and Garmin bike computers use ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity and you can pair the two devices with either wireless protocol. For most cases, we recommend pairing the Assioma with the Garmin using ANT+. This usually results in a stronger, more stable connection. Some users have reported dropouts when pairing with Bluetooth. In addition, when you pair the Assioma with a Garmin, you get access to IAV Cycling Dynamics data. Lastly, we note that the Garmin Edge 540 Bike Computer is our best-selling bike computer for customers that have purchased the Assioma power meter. This power meter and bike computer make a great combination!

Garmin Edge 540 Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 540 Bike Computer

Josh Matthew


  1. Lion

    Hallo sind die Pedale auch mit einen Garmin Edge 800 kompatibel?

    1. Dave Harris


      Danke für die Frage. Ja. Die Favero Assioma Pedale sind mit dem Garmin Edge 800 kompatibel.



      Thanks for the question. Yes. The Favero Assioma pedals are compatible with the Garmin Edge 800.


  2. Alan Joyce

    I have a 520+ and have just installed Assioma Duo. All the connections seem to have worked fine and the Edge is collecting detailed data (which I can see when I link up to Garmin Connect to review my rides). But Connect has a field saying Pedal L/R Balance which says it is 50/50 (and gives me a Yin/Yang award !?!) but the detailed data is showing that my left leg is consistently less strong than my right (roughly 55/45). Is there any way I can get the Connect Pedal L/R Balance to show the correct result?

    1. Dave Harris

      Hi Alan and thanks for the great question. Unfortunately this may be an issue you’d have to take up with Garmin. The pedals sounds like they are transmitting correctly and Connect is having a hard time interpreting and displaying the data for you.

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