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Can I install the SRAM Force AXS Power Meter Spider on my Force D2 Wide crankset?

This is a bit of yes and no. Let us explain…The SRAM Force AXS Power Meter Spider and Force D2 wide crankset use the same 8-bolt interface, so you can indeed mount the power meter to the wide cranks. However, SRAM doesn’t officially recommend 2x rings larger than 43/30 on wide cranksets. This is because larger 2x chainrings can cause shifting issues with the rear derailleur. However, we have done this before without issue. This is referred to as a “kit bash.” That is, something that isn’t officially recommended, but works the majority of the time. If you decide to do this, just know that there exists a small possibility of shifting issues. Also, to minimize the chance of issues, we would recommend going with the 46/33 or 48/35 vs. the 50/37.

SRAM Force AXS Power Meter Spider

Josh Matthew

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