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Will a Sigeyi SRAM power meter fit my SRAM MTB crankset?

SRAM MTB Crankset

The Sigeyi AXO SRAM MTB Power Meter is one of our best-selling units. It measures power from both legs, is accurate to withing +/- 1.0% and is very lightweight at only 83 grams. In addition, it bolts directly onto your crankset which means you don’t have to change cranks or bottom brackets.

Sigeyi AXO SRAM MTB Power Meter - 104x4

Sigeyi AXO SRAM MTB Power Meter

In order for it to fit, you need to make sure you have a SRAM direct mount 3-bolt crankset. These cranks can be identified by 3 bolts located on the backside of the chainring which are used to secure the chainring to the crank arm. Please see the image below.

SRAM 3-bolt Interface on MTB crankset

Please also note, the Sigeyi MTB power meter uses a 104 BCD configuration, so you will need to purchase a 104 BCD Sigeyi MTB chainring as well.

Josh Matthew

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