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Why does the power2max ROTOR ALDHU Gravel crankset cause my front derailleur to rub on the crank arm?

Some customers report that after installing the power2max ROTOR ALDHU Gravel Power Meter Cranksets, they have issues with the front derailleur either not shifting properly or rubbing on the crank arm. The issue is that Shimano GRX cranks splay outwards a bit, while the ROTOR cranks are straight. Therefore, the derailleur needs to adjusted just right in order for it to work. We recommend making sure the derailleur is aligned exactly parallel with the bike. Sometimes, if the tail of the derailleur is kicked too far out for example, it will rub on the crank arm. When set up correctly, the clearance will still be tight, but it will indeed work properly.

Josh Matthew

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