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What power meter can I use for my ROTOR KAPIC MTB cranks?

Good news – we have you covered! There are two, similar spider-based units that are made for your crankset.

ROTOR INspider Power Meter

The ROTOR INspider is a spider-based power meter that is compatible with any of ROTOR’s newer direct mount cranksets. This includes the Kapic Carbon, Kapic, Hawk and Raptor cranks for MTB. The ROTOR INspider records data via four sets of opposing gauges. This results in a high degree of accuracy (+/- 1.0%) and also means the power meter can measure left and right leg power balance. The INspider features ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART and has a USB-rechargeable battery with 200-hour battery life. The price is $649.

power2max NGeco ROTOR MTB Power Meter

The power2max is a very similar power meter, but is made by a different company. power2max makes wonderful power meters (some of the most accurate and dependable units we sell) with features such as dual leg power measurement, ANT+/Bluetooth SMART compatibility and left/right power balance. In addition, the NGeco is accurate to +/- 2.0% in all environmental conditions and is easy to use with features such as auto-zero and accelerometer-based cadence measurement. The price is $590.

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