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power2max vs. Sigeyi vs. Magene Power Meter Spiders

power2max, Sigeyi and Magene all make spider-based power meters for road, gravel, track and mountain bikes. These are some of our best-selling power meters. They bolt directly onto your existing crankset (no need to buy a new crankset or change bottom brackets!), measure power from both legs, are accurate and are reliable. In addition, with many of the road versions, you can even reuse your existing chainrings. Each of these power meters are available in different options allowing them to fit a wide range of cranksets. In the table below, we compare the power2max vs. Sigeyi vs. Magene Power Meter Spiders.

powe2max vs Sigeyi vs Magene Spiders


power2max, Sigeyi and Magene Comparison Table

power2max Sigeyi Magene
Price $490 – 590 $380 $365
Power Measurement Both legs Both legs Both legs
Power Balance No* Yes Yes
ANT or Bluetooth SMART Both Both Both
Accuracy +/- 2.0% +/- 1.0% +/- 1.0%
Active Temperature Compensation Yes Yes Yes
Battery Type CR2450 Recharge Recharge
Battery Life (Hours) 300-400 300 200
Weight (Grams) 125 – 160 83 – 115 110
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Manufacturer Location Germany China China

Important note – For power2max, the table above shows the NGeco version as we wanted to compare similarily priced power meters. However power2max also makes a higher end NG version which sells for $940 and features improved accuracy, a rechargeable battery, a longer warranty and left/right leg power balance.

* While the NGeco doesn’t display power balance out of the box, it can be upgraded to display this data. The cost to upgrade is 50 euros.



The power2max, Sigeyi and Magene all share many of the same features such as power measurement, installation and general functionality. However, they are not without their differences.


The power2max NGeco represents a great value for what you get. We are big fans of these power meters and use them on many of our bikes. For $490 – $590, you get a very reliable and accurate power meter that measures dual-sided power. However, the Sigeyi and Magene are both more affordable. The Sigeyi has become one of our best-selling power meters and is priced at $380. The Magene is new to the U.S. market but already has great reviews and is even more affordable at $365.

Power Balance

The power2max NGeco measures power from both legs right out of the box. However, if you want to see your power balance, you must upgrade the power meter in order to access this information. Both the Magene and Sigeyi power meters comes with power balance ready to go.


The power2max power meters weigh around 120 to 160 grams based on the version ordered. The Sigeyi comes in at 83 – 105 grams and the Magene weighs 110 grams. These differences aren’t much in the grand scheme of things, but if weight is a priority for you, the Sigeyi and Magene would be great options in order to save weight.


While not in the table above, we wanted to touch on the different models power2max, Sigeyi and Magene make. power2max offers the widest range of models. For example, they offer a track power meter, multiple gravel power meters as well as a power meter for Campagnolo. However, we note that Sigeyi and Magene offer Cane Creek and SRAM 8-bolt road and MTB cranksets, whereas power2max does not.

power2max Sigeyi Magene
SRAM Road 3-Bolt Yes Yes Yes
SRAM Road 8-Bolt No Yes Yes
Praxis Road Yes Yes Yes
Cane Creek Road No Yes Yes
ROTOR 3D No Yes No
Specialized Yes No No
Easton Yes Yes No
Cannondale Road Yes Yes No
Campagnolo Yes No No
SRAM MTB 3-Bolt Yes Yes No
SRAM MTB 8-Bolt No Yes No
Race Face Yes Yes No
Praxis MTB Yes No No
Cannondale MTB Yes Yes No
Shimano MTB Yes Yes No
e*thirteen MTB Yes No No
Cane Creek MTB No Yes No
ROTOR Shimano GRX Yes No No
ROTOR Gravel Yes Yes Yes


Which One Should I Buy?

power2max, Sigeyi and Magene all make great power meters and they all benefit from good customer reviews and feedback. Crankset compatibility might play a role in which power meter you buy as these brands make slightly different versions. However, if you have your pick, you can never go wrong with a power2max. It is the most established brand and is very reliable, but it also sells at a bit of a premium to the other two. Sigeyi is a newer power meter, however as stated previously, it’s quickly becoming one of our best-sellers. Magene is the newest addition to our power meter line up. It is the most affordable and doesn’t lack any key features. Take your pick and enjoy accurate, reliable, dual-sided power!

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