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power2max Gravel Power Meter Comparison

power2max makes two similar versions of its gravel power meter crankset. The p2m ROTOR ALDHU Gravel Power Meter Crankset and the p2m ROTOR ALDHU Power Meter for GRX Chainrings.

power2max NGeco ROTOR ALDHU 24MM Gravel Chainrings vs Crankset

These power meter cranksets are very similar. They are both direct replacements for a Shimano GRX crankset. They feature GRX chainlines, use 24 mm spindles and fit Shimano 24 mm bottom brackets. However, there are some key differences too, as outlined in the table below.


power2max Gravel Power Meter Comparison Table

p2m ROTOR ALDHU Gravel Power Meterp2m ROTOR ALDHU Power Meter for GRX
Cost$750 – $820$790
Power MeasurementBoth legsBoth legs
Spindle24 mm24 mm
ChainlineGRX 47 mmGRX 47 mm
Q FactorNarrowerStandard GRX
Chainring Configuration1x or 2x1x or 2x
Chainring IncludedYesNo (sold separately)
ChainringAftermarket (power2max/ROTOR) Shimano GRX
Chainring Sizes38T, 40T, 42T, 44T, 46T, 46/30T, 48/31T40T, 42T, 48/31T

Key Differences

The main difference is the chainrings. The p2m ROTOR ALDHU Gravel Power Meter uses a power2max (actually made by ROTOR) chainring (included), whereas the p2m ROTOR ALDHU Power Meter for GRX is made for a Shimano GRX chainring (sold separately). If you want to keep your drivetrain as much Shimano GRX as possible, you might opt for the GRX version. However the power2max/ROTOR gravel ring works great too and has the added benefit of a larger range of chainring sizes.

The other notable difference is the Q Factor (also referred to as offset or stance). This refers to how far apart your pedals are. While the GRX version features a standard Shimano GRX Q Factor, the power2max/ROTOR version uses a slighter narrower (road) offset. Some customers prefer this narrower offset, but this too is personal preference.

Regardless of which version you chose, you’ll have a wonderful power meter crankset. We use p2ms on a number of our own bikes here and highly recommend them.

Josh Matthew

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