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I have a SRAM RED crankset with the hidden bolt design. Can I use a SRAM or Quarq power meter spider on it?

Unfortunately not. The current generation SRAM and Quarq power meters aren’t compatible with the hidden bolt cranks as the offset has changed on the power meters.

If your SRAM crankset uses the 3-bolt interface (pictured below), you could use a power2max SRAM power meter spider.

SRAM 3-bolt Interface on MTB crankset

power2max NGeco SRAM Road Power Meter

The power2max is one of our go to power meters for SRAM cranksets. It’s a superb power meter in that it’s accurate, extremely durable, measures the power from both legs, is reasonably priced and allows you to keep your current SRAM crankset.

However, if your SRAM crankset uses the 8-bolt interface (more likely), this leaves you with two options:

1.) You can try to locate an older version power meter spider that fits the hidden bolt design (they are not being made any more so we don’t stock them).

2.) You can upgrade your cranks and BB to the new standard which will fit the current generation SRAM and Quarq power meters. We sell everything you would need to do this.

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