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Can I install the power2max on my Cannondale crankset with 120 BCD?

This power2max Cannondale Power Meter is compatible with all models of Cannondale’s Hollowgram cranks: SI, SISL, and SISL2. The power meter comes in standard BCD sizes of either 110 or 130 mm. If your Cannondale crankset currently has one of these sizes, you’ll be able to use your existing chainrings on the power meter.

However, some Cannondale cranksets have a 120 mm BCD. In this case, you can still install the power2max power meter, but you must select either the 110 or 130 mm size power meter, and you will need to buy new chainrings as your current chainrings will not fit. We recommend Praxis chainrings with the power2max power meter.

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