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Can I install a Sigeyi power meter on my Shimano road crankset?

Shimano road cranksets (image below) have an integrated spider. This means the drive-side crank arm and spider portion of the crankset are one solid piece. Therefore, it is physically impossible to install a spider-based power meter such as the Sigeyi on these cranksets.Shimano R8000 Crankset

Sigeyi ROTOR ALDHU Road Power Meter Crankset

Therefore, for Shimano users that would like to use a Sigeyi power meter, we suggest the Sigeyi ROTOR ALDHU Road Power Meter Crankset.

Sigeyi ROTOR ALDHU Road Power Meter Crankset

Sigeyi ROTOR ALDHU Road Power Meter Crankset

This is a spider-based power meter that comes on a ROTOR ALDHU crankset. In addition to being a great all-around power meter, here’s why it’s great for Shimano users:

1) If you select one of the 24MM ALDHU Crank sizes, this power meter will come with the same spindle size as your current Shimano crankset and will fit your bottom bracket without any changes. This makes installation a breeze.

2) In addition, if you select the 110 4-Bolt BCD option, you can also use your current Shimano chainrings on it.

This makes is a direct replacement for a Shimano road crankset.

Josh Matthew

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