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Are power2max power meters dual-sided?

Yes, power2max power meters are dual-sided. This means they measure power from both legs. In this short article, we explain how they do this.

power2max Dual-Sided Road Power Meter Crankset

power2max Dual-Sided Road Power Meter Crankset

power2max Dual-Sided Power Meters

power2max makes a spider-based power meter. These power meters bolt directly to the drive-side crank arm and chainrings are then attached to the power meter. They measure your power (torque) using a strain gauge positioned inside the power meter spider. This type of power meter is used by most professional athletes due to its accuracy and reliability. In addition, it is able to measure power from both legs. This is because both left and right leg power passes through the crank spider. Therefore, the total power you produce at any given moment is accurately recorded by the power meter.


power2max Power Balance

power2max power meters offer one additional feature. In addition, to measuring your total power, they are also able to estimate how much power each leg is producing. This is called estimated left/right power or power balance. The power meter does this by using built-in software to estimate each legs power individually. If you have an NGeco, you must pay to unlock this power balance feature on your power meter, however it comes standard on the more expensive NG models.

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