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Evolution of Bike Frames Combined
in One Impressive GIF

Evolution of Bike Frames GIF
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The humble bicycle – a mode of transportation that has revolutionized the way we get around for more than two centuries. Since the first time someone attached a pair of wheels to a bike frame, we’ve been able to expand our ability to navigate our world. The bicycle inhabits a sweet spot when it comes to transportation – it’s much faster than having to walk everywhere after all. At the same time, it’s often easier (and less expensive) than having to rely on a larger vehicle such as a car to get where you need to go. It’s also a more environmentally-friendly option as well, as bike riding doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels. 

The bicycle has been providing mobility to people for generations, but it goes much further than that, of course. Even from their first introduction in the early 1800s, there have been few better ways to improve your quality of life. Bicycle riding has always been an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise as you pedal your way to better fitness. Besides those benefits, though, the simple ability to go on a bike ride and enjoy your environment simply can’t be undersold. 

Today, of course, the average bike sits on a frame that’s a lot more comfortable than they’ve been in the past. Yet even after all these decades, there are few things better than feeling the fresh air on your face as you cruise along! 

Here are the bike models with noticeable changes that we included in the animated image:

  1. 1790 – Celerifere
  2. 1817 – Draisienne or Laufmaschine
  3. 1818 – Johnson’s Ladies Walking Machine
  4. 1820 – Reproduction of Draisienne
  5. 1866 – Serpentine Velocipede
  6. 1869 – Michaux Velocipede/ Boneshaker
  7. 1871 – Penny Farthing
  8. 1879 – Lawson Bicyclette
  9. 1885 – Starley Rover
  10. 1942 – B.S.A Folding Bicycle
  11. 1960 – Schwinn Panther III
  12. 1988 – Schwinn Paramount – 50th Anniversary Limited Edition
  13. 2008 – Yamaha PAS (Power Assist System) Brace Electric Bike

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