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SRAM Force vs. Rival vs. Apex Power Meter Crank Arms

SRAM offers several different power meter upgrade crank arms for your SRAM AXS crankset. Specifically, they offer the Force AXS Power Meter for Force D2 cranksets, the Rival AXS Power Meter for Rival AXS cranks and the Apex AXS Power Meter for Apex AXS cranks.

With these power meters, you simply replace your left (non-drive) side crank arm with the power meter and boom – you now have power and cadence data on every ride. These power meters measure left leg power and double the value to approximate your total power – which is how all left side power meters work.

While SRAM intends Force D2 customers to buy the Force power meter, Rival customers to buy the Rival power meter and Apex customers to buy the Apex power meter, in reality all of these SRAM AXS Power Meter Upgrade crankarms will mechanically fit with each other. That is, you could use a Apex AXS Power Meter Crank Arm on a Force D2 crankset if you really wanted to. However, if you decided to mix and match, there are some differences you need to be aware of.


SRAM Power Meter Crank Arm Differences

Axle Length

The Apex only comes in Wide while the Rival and Force both come in Regular or Wide. Wide is 5 mm longer and designed for gravel bikes needing a little extra room for wider tires and chain stays. It’s imperative you order the correct version to match your crankset.


The Force is the lightest, but also most expensive option. This is followed by the Rival and then Apex.

  • Force AXS Power Meter: 320 grams
  • Rival AXS Power Meter: 360 grams
  • Apex AXS Power Meter: 380 grams

(All measurements taken for Wide 172.5 mm.)


As you can see in the images above, each crankset has its own unique graphics and colors. So if you choose to mix and match, your left side power meter crank arm won’t have the same look as the drive side of your crankset. A cosmetic difference only, but something to make note of.

Dave Harris

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