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What am I going to find in the INpower product box?

There are two possibilities when buying INpower.

When buying the complete set of left and right crank assemblies, you will find an installation and a User Software manual (User Software can be downloaded for free from ROTOR’s website), and a Training Peaks manual. Training Peaks has offered INpower customers a free premium account subscription to those who purchase INpower. Visit to obtain the maximum benefit from this new alliance.

If you only buy the left crank assembly, together with it you will find the same manuals mentioned previously, and a set of washer, bolt and self-extractor nut. These must be used to install the right crank assembly of your existing cranks with your new left INpower crank assembly. Never use another bolt or self-extractor nut to install INpower cranks.

Why is there bolt, nut and washer together with my INpower left-crank assembly if I bought it separately?

The bolt and self-extractor nut from the non-power meter cranks are not compatible with the INpower axle. If you have purchased the left-crank assembly with the axle because you already have ROTOR cranks, you need to substitute the old bolt and self-extractor nut with the new washer, bolt and self-extractor nut included in the INpower package.

Read the user manual carefully to correctly install these INpower parts. If you have purchased the complete set of left and right-crank assemblies, the self-extractor mechanism is already installed and you do not need to make any modifications.

Do not uninstall the self-extractor set once it has been successfully installed.

How does ambient temperature affect power measurement?

Ambient temperature does not positively or negatively affect how ROTOR INpower works. INpower gives accurate and stable power measurement no matter changes in temperature during a ride (e.g. long climbs with higher temperatures at the beginning and lower temperatures at the end).

It is not necessary to calibrate INpower due to temperature changes.

How can I clean my INpower cranks? Are they waterproof?

INpower is waterproof. It has successfully passed level IPX7.

Nevertheless, do not clean your power meter with high pressure and avoid direct impact on the joints.

Do not use solvents or degreasers; they can damage some power meter elements.

Make sure that the O-ring is correctly placed in the cap after every battery replacement.

How can I update the firmware for my cranks? How often do I have to update the firmware?

ROTOR sometimes offers new versions of the firmware in order to improve previous versions.

The update process is wireless; to complete this you will need to download the User Software from the ROTOR website.

To connect the crank to the computer, a USB ANT+ stick is needed.

What happens if there is an error while updating the firmware?

If any error occurs during the updating process, your cranks will keep functioning normally with the previously-installed firmware. If the update process begins and the program detects any problem, the process will restart a maximum of 5 times before cancelling the update.

It is recommended to place the USB ANT+ stick as close to the cranks as possible for better radio signal reception.

How often are the power values shown?

ROTOR INpower becomes active after pedaling starts. Sampling frequency is 200 Hz, which means that force data are measured 200 times per second.

The data sent to the ANT+ device are from the last completed pedal rotation. How long a single pedal rotation lasts depends on the cadence of the cyclist, for example, if the cyclist pedals at 90 rpm then the rotation lasts 0.67 seconds.

The power measurement of a rotation is sent according to ANT+ protocol: 4 times per second. How data are recorded and accumulated depends on the ANT+ device. Devices usually offer the option to record data once per second, or to record data in “Smart” mode.

Which data related to power are provided by INpower?

INpower processes and provides values of: Power, Cadence, Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness.

A balance value is also shown, which is set by default as 50%-50% (assuming a perfectly-balanced cyclist).

INpower also calculates and shows additional information that can only be viewed through the User Software: Torque 360 and OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle).

How can I see Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness data?

Both metrics are accessible by ANT+ compatible device manufacturers and it is their decision whether to show them or not on their devices.

Most ANT+ compatible devices already feature these metrics’ recordings and visualizations.

There is a right value showing for the pedal smoothness. What does that mean?

The right value is not actually for your right leg, but the OCA value. If you aren’t already using the ROTOR User Software, it will help you determine your OCP. After a ride, look at that average number, add 45 degrees, and this is an estimation of your OCA. Take a look at the chart in the software to determine which OCA number corresponds to your correct OCP.

How can I see the Torque 360 graph and my OCA value?

Currently these data are only accessible using the User Software that can be downloaded for free from ROTOR’s website. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the software, you will need a USB ANT+ stick to receive data sent by INpower.

How do I pair INpower with my ANT+ cycling computer?

Your “SENSOR ID” can be found on the inner side of the non-drive side crank. It is the 5-digit number shown next to the barcode on the crank or the 5-digit number shown on the axle´s label. Find your “sensor details” in your computer (note: make sure power sensor is “enabled”).  Manually enter the 5-digits of your sensor ID. Activate your crank by applying force to the non-drive side crank (ride a few meters or push down on the crank). Your computer should automatically find your power sensor. You do not need to hit the “search” function.

How long is the warranty that covers the INpower?

The ROTOR INpower comes with a two year warranty.



How do I know if my frame is compatible with the INpower axle?

INpower is equipped with the UBB30 axle system, which was introduced by ROTOR. UBB30 is a 30 mm diameter axle which is compatible with almost all standard frames in the market (when used with the correct spacers).

ROTOR INpower can be installed on your bicycle even if your current cranks are 24 mm diameter.

UBB30 is compatible with the following standards: BB30 (68/73mm), PF30 (68/73mm), BSA threaded, ITA threaded, BBright and BBright Direct Fit, BB86, BB386 EVO, BB89 and BB92.

The only frames not compatible with the UBB30 system are BB90 and BB95 (both for 24 mm diameter axle). These two standards use bearings that are directly pressed into the frame, without using any intermediate bottom bracket.

Is it necessary to install a cadence sensor on my bicycle?

Your ROTOR INpower cranks have a cadence sensor incorporated in the axle and do not need an external sensor.

It is recommended to uninstall any cadence sensor from your bicycle to avoid interferences.

Can I disassemble my power meter?

The only parts that can be disassembled are those that are involved in installing and uninstalling both the cranks on the bicycle, and the battery and battery cap. Read the user manual carefully before handling the product. Never try to disassemble the plastic part at the end of the left crank and/or the electronics inside the axle.

Do not try to disassemble the mechanical elements assembled by the manufacturer, such as the axle with the left crank, the self-extractor system, or the spider with the chainrings on the right side.



How often should the battery be replaced?

ROTOR INpower uses a standard AA battery. The battery is not included in the original packaging.

Battery life is usually 300 hours for fully-charged, alkaline batteries from leading brands. When the battery is near the end of its life, the ROTOR INpower cranks will send a message to your ANT+ device that will warn you that you’ll need to change it soon.

You can see the battery status by connecting the crank to the ROTOR User Software running on your computer. The User Software can be downloaded for free from ROTOR’s website.

In order to connect the crank to the computer, a USB ANT+ stick is necessary.

Read the user manual before opening the battery cap. Opening the battery cap is only recommended when it is necessary to change the battery or uninstall the cranks. Inadequate handling of the battery cap can damage the O-ring and the seal.

How do I replace the battery?

Read the user manual for a correct battery replacement.

The positive side must be facing outward.

The battery model and polarity are printed on the inside of the plastic cap.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes, you can use them if they are AA batteries with 1.5 V.

Battery life depends on the manufacturer and model. Rechargeable batteries usually have a lower life, which is reduced even further the more you recharge them.



How often do I need to calibrate my ROTOR INpower?

To assure accurate measurement, it is necessary to correctly calibrate the cranks. It is not necessary to calibrate your INpower before every ride, but it must be calibrated when:

  • Power meter is installed on the bicycle
  • Pedals are installed or changed
  • Chainrings are installed, requiring the cranks to be disassembled
  • Calibrating a second time is recommended after 30 hours of riding

What are the calibration values?

ROTOR INpower requires angle and force calibration. After the calibration button is pressed the first time, you must see a value of 1000 on your device’s screen. After the calibration button is pressed a second time, the screen’s value must be between +/-200. This second calibration value is specific to each power meter.

Why do I have to calibrate twice?

The calibration process requires pressing the calibration button twice on your head unit.

INpower technology requires this second calibration step because not only does force have to be calibrated, but angle too.

It is very important that you follow the steps described in the user manual for correct calibration. This assures an accurate power measurement.



My ANT+ device does not detect the power sensor.

First of all make sure that your ANT+ device has the power sensor option active, then pair the power meter with the device.

Read the user manual to correctly pair your power meter with your ANT+ device. The first step is to activate the power meter by riding a few meters (a 2.5 kg force must be applied on the left pedal). Take into account that after two minutes of inactivity, INpower enters hibernation mode to reduce battery consumption.

INpower is not calibrating with my device, what can I do?

You can calibrate it with our user software, which is free to download, you just need to plug in an ANT+ USB stick and go to the calibration menu. With some devices you do need to apply a load to the crank and pedal a few times before entering the calibration menu.

My INpower does not activate even after applying force to the pedals.

Check to see if the battery is correctly installed with the positive side facing outward. Check to see if the battery is charged.

If you still have problems, uninstall the drive-side crank assembly and look at the inside of the axle on the right side. It isn’t necessary to uninstall the axle from the bicycle. When installing a new battery, you must see the yellow LED light.

My power meter connects with the computer but not with the ANT+ device.

Follow the instructions detailed in the user manual for correct pairing with your ANT+ device. If the device is correctly paired and active and connects with the computer (with the User Software) without any problem but does not connect to the ANT+ device on your bicycle, it is possible that the cranks are still in fast mode.

To avoid this, always disconnect your power meter from the User Software before closing the program.

If fast mode cannot be disconnected, remove battery and wait a couple minutes before replacing it. During these two minutes the crank is still active even without the battery in order to avoid losing data in case of involuntary disconnections.

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