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What is ROTOR 2INpower vs INpower?

ROTOR INpower measures in the spindle power generated by the left leg. The power value that’s shown is the result of extrapolation (default operation to multiply by two) power measured in the left leg. ROTOR 2INpower DM keeps INpower technology and adds strain gauges to the drive-side crank, which allows the measurement of the power applied by each leg independently. In addition to the new metrics that ROTOR INpower introduced for pedal analysis and monitoring: TORQUE 360 and OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle), ROTOR 2INpower goes further allowing analysis for each leg separately and providing balance information.

How accurate is the 2INpower?

The 2INpower is accurate to within +/-1.5%. Most direct force power meters claim anywhere from +/-2% to +/-1%, so the 2INpower is right in line in terms of accuracy.

How much does the ROTOR 2INpower weigh?

The power meter weighs approximately 645 grams (172.5 mm).

Can I use ROTOR Q-Rings with my 2INpower?

Absolutely. ROTOR is known for their oval shaped Q-Rings so it was critical that their power meter be Q-Ring compatible. To this end, 2INpower features TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analysis, which helps cyclists assess force variations in their pedal stroke. TORQUE 360 and OCA values enable cyclists to orient their Q-Rings around their distinct pedaling characteristics in order to take advantage of their most productive zone. Note that since the 2INpower cranks have the same BCD as standard cranks, you can also use them with any compatible round chainrings. Being able to run oval shaped rings is a distinct feature of the ROTOR 2INpower.

How does ambient temperature affect power measurement?

Ambient temperature does not positively or negatively affect how ROTOR 2INpower works. 2INpower gives accurate and stable power measurement no matter changes in temperature during a ride (e.g. long climbs with higher temperatures at the beginning and lower temperatures at the end). It is not necessary to calibrate 2INpower due to temperature changes.

Which bicycle computers are compatible with my 2INpower?

The 2INpower is both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatible, so the power meter can be used with an ANT+ cycling computer or a smartphone.

How can I clean my 2INpower cranks? Are they waterproof?

2INpower is waterproof. It has successfully passed level IPX7. Nevertheless, do not clean your power meter with high pressure and avoid direct impact on the joints. Do not use solvents or degreasers; they can damage some power meter elements.

Is the 2INpower made for road or mountain bikes?

The 2INpower is designed to work on road bikes only. ROTOR makes several different power meters for mountain bikes however. Please see ROTOR MTB power meters.

How can I update the firmware for my cranks? How often do I have to update the firmware?

ROTOR sometimes offers new versions of the firmware in order to improve previous versions. The update process is wireless; to complete this you will need to download the User Software from the ROTOR website. To connect the crank to the computer, a USB ANT+™ stick is needed. Contact your ROTOR retailer or local distributor to acquire one.

What warranty comes with the 2INpower?

ROTOR provides two years of warranty for all its products.

Can I disassemble my power meter?

The only parts that can be disassembled are those that are involved in installing and uninstalling both the cranks on the bicycle. Read the user manual carefully before handling the product. Do not try to disassemble the mechanical elements assembled by the manufacturer, such as the axle with the left crank, the self-extractor system, or the spider with the chainrings on the right side.



How do I know if my frame is compatible with the 2INpower?

2INpower is equipped with the UBB30 axle system, which was introduced by ROTOR. UBB30 axle is a 30 mm axle compatible with almost all standard frames in the market (when used with the correct spacers). ROTOR 2INpower can be installed on your bicycle even if your current cranks are 24 mm diameter. UBB30 is compatible with the following road standards: BB30, PF30, BSA threaded, BBright and BBright Direct Fit, BB86 and BB386 EVO. The only frames not compatible with the UBB30 system are the BB90 frames (for 24 mm axle). This standard uses bearings that are directly pressed into the frame, without using any intermediate bottom bracket.

Is it necessary to install a cadence sensor on my bicycle?

No. Your ROTOR 2INpower cranks have a cadence sensor incorporated in the axle and do not need an external sensor. It is recommended to uninstall any cadence sensor from your bicycle to avoid interferences.



What type of battery does the 2INpower use?

The ROTOR 2INpower uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

How long does the battery last?

The power meter will last for approximately 250 hours on a full charge. At 30 hours remaining, the 2INpower will show a “low battery” message and recharging is recommended.

How long does it take to charge the battery and what do the different lights mean while charging?

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the battery. When charging the battery, the battery indicator light will show red, yellow or green depending on the battery level. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged.



How often do I need to calibrate my ROTOR 2INpower?

To assure accurate measurement, it is necessary to correctly calibrate the cranks. It is not necessary to calibrate your 2INpower before every ride, but it must be calibrated when:

  • Power meter is installed on the bicycle
  • Pedals are installed or changed
  • Chainrings are installed, requiring the cranks to be disassembled
  • Calibrating a second time is recommended after 30 hours of riding

What are the calibration values?

ROTOR 2INpower requires angle and force calibration. After the calibration button is pressed the first time, you must see a value of 1000 on your device’s screen. After the calibration button is pressed a second time, the screen’s value must be between +/-200. This second calibration value is specific to each power meter.

Why do I have to calibrate twice?

The calibration process requires pressing the calibration button twice on your head unit.

2INpower technology requires this second calibration step because not only does force have to be calibrated, but angle too.

It is very important that you follow the steps described in the user manual for correct calibration. This assures an accurate power measurement.



My 2INpower does not activate even after applying force to the pedals.

Check to see if the battery is charged enough. For that purpose, apply some force on one of the pedals and check if the LED light under the dust cover in the right crank arm blinks in green or yellow. If it blinks red you need to recharge the battery. If it doesn’t blink, try to connect the charger and see if the LED starts blinking.

My power meter does not connect with my Bluetooth SMART device.

Follow the instructions in the user manual to correctly pair your power meter with your Bluetooth SMART device.

Make sure that the 2INpower is active. Keep in mind that after two minutes of inactivity it will enter hibernation mode. You will need to activate the cranks again if this happens.

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