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Zwift Membership Gift Card

Josh Matthew May 24, 2020


Give the gift of Zwift!

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Zwift Membership Gift Card

Give the gift of Zwift with the Zwift Membership Gift Card! Available in both 3- and 12-month memberships, the Zwift card gets you up and pedaling on Zwift fast.


About Zwift

Zwift is a multiplayer, online-cycling game that makes indoor riding fun. It allows you to compete in a virtual world with cyclists from across the globe. You can explore routes inspired by Central London, the 2015 World Championship course in Richmond, Virginia, or Zwift’s own virtual world of Watopia. There are more than 100 km of roads available including mountains, country sides, volcanoes and more! You can also complete structured workouts where programs are tailored to your fitness level or join any one of the many social group rides that are always taking place on Zwift. No two rides on Zwift are ever the same!


Getting Started

To get started with Zwift, you need:

  • The Zwift Membership Gift Card
  • A bike with a power meter
  • A bike trainer or rollers to ride on
  • A PC/Mac computer, a compatible iOS device, or an AppleTV to open Zwift


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