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Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Seatpost

Josh Matthew June 6, 2024


The first dropper post to use a self-bleeding cartridge!

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Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Seatpost

The Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Seatpost takes dropper posts to a whole new level! To begin with, it is the first dropper post to use a self-bleeding cartridge. Any air that gets into the fluid chamber is automatically purged with every up/down motion. This means no sag, no need for manual resetting and no need to buy and replace cartridges over the dropper post’s lifespan.

It also has the shortest stack height of any dropper post on the market (32 mm), which means you can get your saddle low for maximum maneuverability. In addition, it has a short frame insertion depth. This allows you to fit a bigger travel post on a smaller frame.

The Resolve Dropper Post comes with a full 2-year warranty and is 100% user-serviceable. Every individual component is also available as a replacement part. The dropper post is available in 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameters, with travel options for 125, 160, and 200 mm.



Self-Bleeding Cartridge
The self-bleeding cartridge removes air from the fluid chamber with every actuation. This means you’ll never need to buy a new cartridge as you do with other dropper posts.

Shortest Stack Height
A short stack height means you can get your saddle lower than any other dropper post on the market. The lower your saddle, the more room you have to maneuver your bike.

Best Weight per Travel
The Resolve Dropper Seatpost is one of the lightest dropper posts on the market when it comes to grams per millimeter of travel. It’s as much as 26% lighter than other dropper posts of the same travel and size.

Short Insertion Length
This means you can use a longer travel post on a smaller frame. A short insertion length is also important for frames with curved seat tubes and frames with seat tubes that have bottle bosses.

Travel Reduction with Spacers
You can customize the travel length of your Resolve Dropper Post at any time by adding travel-reduction spacers (sold separately).


  • Compatible with bike frames that use 30.9 mm or 31. mm diameter seatposts with internal cable routing for dropper posts
  • Compatible with any ebike that uses a conventional dropper post mounting and actuating system
  • Compatible with round and oval saddle rails


  • Made from 7075 and 7050 aluminum
  • Stack Height (Extended Length - Travel): 32 mm
  • Rider Weight Limit: 264 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Weight:
    • 30.9 x 125 mm - 440 grams
    • 30.9 x 160 mm - 456 grams
    • 30.9 x 200 mm - 490 grams
    • 31.6 x 125 mm - 509 grams
    • 31.6 x 160 mm - 544 grams
    • 31.6 x 200 mm - 563 grams

In the Box

  • Dropper seatpost
  • Cable and housing kit
  • Cable barrel
  • XZN-16 socket

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