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SRM PowerControl 7 (PC7) Cycling Computer

josh April 24, 2018


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About the SRM PowerControl 7

When SRM developed their wireless PC VI, we were pleased to offer the reliability of the SRM power meter system with the simplicity of the ANT+ compatible wireless system – just a crank and a computer and nothing to spoil the beauty of your racing bike. With SRM PowerControl 7, your simplicity and convenience gets upgraded to a smaller and lighter package with a longer battery life.

If one power meter is the Pro’s choice, it has to be SRM. And part of having so many units on bikes in the peloton means that SRM gets top-notch feedback from those using their systems. Reports from the field indicated that the PC VI was tricky to fit between aero bars on some rider’s setups. So the German trailblazers at SRM took it back to the drawing board and created a newer, sleeker, and narrower version.

You’ll see that the button layout on the PC 7 is now at the bottom enabling the squarer shape. Two other major improvements were made as well. It uses a Li-polymer battery to improve run-time to 120 hours as compared to 30 hours for the PC VI. It will spend more time on your handlebars and less time on the charger. And the PC 7 also now has a motion sensor. It will detect your ride start and turn on automatically.

The SRM PowerControl 7 has a backlight display that makes it easier to read in certain atmospheric conditions. The display will show your current Power in watts, Cadence, Speed (mph/kph), Heart Rate, Energy (Kj), Training Zones, Intervals, Temperature (F/C), Altitude (m/ft), Ride Time, and Clock with averages and maximum figures for each value. You can set the PC 7 to record and store data at intervals ranging from 0.5 to 5 seconds. The recording interval will determine how much total data can be stored in the unit. Shorter intervals means more data per hour, so you’ll fill up the built-in memory faster. For reference, a one second interval will yield 130 hours of memory to store your ride data before you’ll need to download via the integrated mini-USB interface.

The ANT+ compatibility allows the PC 7 to sync with all SRM wireless crankset power meters and any ANT+ or ANT+Sport speed sensors and heart rate chest straps. It comes with SRMWin software, but you may also use Training Peaks, WKO+, and other power analysis software to review your data.


About the SRM PowerControl 7

  • SRM PowerControl 7
  • Handlebar mount (31.8 mm)
  • USB charging cable


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