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SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon Power Meter

Josh Matthew May 10, 2023
5.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


Accurate, light, stiff and compatible with almost any bike!


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SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon Power Meter

SRM has taken power measurement to the next level with its SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon power meter. Like all SRM power meters, the Origin features SRM’s 144 point calibration protocol, resulting in unmatched accuracy and consistency. However, for the first time, the SRM Origin power meter uses a LOOK carbon crank arm which offers superior stiffness to weight ratio. In fact, the SRM Origin weighs close to just 600 grams when ordered with the LOOK Carbon crank arms!

In addition, the LOOK crank arm features Trilobe Technology, which allows the crank arm to function in three lengths, 170 mm, 172.5 mm and 175 mm, simply by rotating the Trilobe pedal inserts. The Origin also offers near limitless compatibility with exchangeable 30 and 24 mm spindles, which means it can be used on virtually any frame on the market.


Key Product Details


This power meter is compatible with 110 BCD 4-bolt chainrings. It fits 24 MM, 30 MM or 28.9 MM DUB bottom brackets, depending on the version ordered. See Compatibility tab for more information.

Power Measurement:

This SRM power meter measures power at the spider and is therefore able to measure power from both legs.

Key Features:

Dual-leg power measurement, carbon crank arms, accurate to within +/- 2.0%, lightweight, rechargeable battery, 100 hours of battery life, 2-year warranty. See Specs tab for more information.

Advice From Our Staff:

With the PM7 version, you don’t get features such as left/right power balance, automatic temperature compensation and Bluetooth, but you also save $300 over the PM9. If that trade-off seems good to you, this PM7 might be a nice option. You still get a highly accurate power meter with stiff, lightweight carbon crank arms and a solid 2-year warranty. In addition, you can mount a wide range of both 2x and 1x chainrings to it, from Shimano to Carbon-Ti to ROTOR and more. In addition, with an option to order it with a 24 mm, 30 mm or DUB spindle, you can put it on almost any bike.


Options For This Power Meter

Crank Arm:

  • LOOK-SRM Carbon (170/172.5/175) – These are the lightest crank arms offered (260 grams). The crank arm functions in three lengths, 170 mm, 172.5 mm and 175 mm, simply by rotating the Trilobe pedal inserts.
  • SRM Carbon Composite – These carbon arms are still very light and stiff, but they weigh a bit more than the LOOK-SRM Carbon at 344 grams per set. However, they are also more affordable.

LOOK-SRM Carbon (170/172.5/175)

SRM LOOK Carbon Crank Arms

SRM Carbon Composite

SRM Carbon Composite Crank Arm


  • 9200 Lid – For Shimano 9200 chainrings
  • 9100 Lid – For Shimano 9100 chainrings
  • Flat Lid – For any other 110×4 chainrings


  • 24 MM – For use with 24 mm Shimano bottom brackets
  • 30 MM – For use with 30 mm bottom brackets
  • 28.9 MM DUB – For use with DUB bottom brackets

PC8 Bundle:

While not listed in the dropdown menus above, you can bundle the SRM PM7 Origin Power Meter with a SRM PC8 Bike Computer. When you do, you get $249 off the standard price of the PC8. Please contact us if you would like this option.


Chainrings For Your SRM 7 Road Power Meter

Here are the most commonly ordered chainrings with this power meter. You can simply add them to your cart along with your power meter and we will install them for you.


Chainrings: The SRM PM7 Origin is compatible with any 110 BCD 4-bolt asymmetric chainrings (Shimano, SRM Aluminum, Carbon-Ti, ROTOR, etc.).

Bottom Bracket: This power meter fits 24 MM, 30 MM or 28.9 MM DUB bottom brackets, depending on the version ordered. If you are ordering the same size as you currently have on your bike, you should be able to re-use your existing bottom bracket. However, if you are chaining spindle sizes, you will need to replace your bottom bracket. Please contact us with questions, we are happy to help.

SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon Specs

NameSRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon
Bike TypeRoad
Location of Power MeasurementSpider
Left or Both Legs MeasuredBoth
Independent Left/Right MeasurementNo
InstallationMore involved (60 min. estimated)
Crank Arm MaterialCarbon Fiber
Communication ProtocolANT+
Claimed Accuracy+/- 2.0%
Active Temperature CompensationNo
WeightVaries based on configuration
Battery TypeRechargeable
Battery Life100 hours
Method of Cadence MeasurementMagnet
BCD110 4-bolt asymmetric
Spindle Size24 mm, 30 mm or DUB 28.9 mm
Q Factor145.5 mm
Warranty2 years

In the Box

  • SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon Power Meter (spider, crank arms and spindle)
  • SRM USB Charger Cable
  • Cadence Magnet Kit
  • PC8 Bicycle Computer (if purchased)
  • Handlebar mount (if SRM PC8 is purchased)

Tools Needed for Installation

You will need the following tools for installation of this product. You can purchase many of these commonly used tools in our store.

  • 3 mm Allen key
  • 10 mm Allen key

Common Questions and Answers

Question: How do I determine what length my current cranks are so I can make sure I get the same size?

  • Your crank arm length should be printed or stamped on the inside of the left crank arm, usually near the pedal end.

End of crank arm showing crank arm length

5 reviews for SRM PM7 Origin Road Carbon Power Meter
  1. David (verified owner)

    Really easy company to work. The process to buy a power meter and the post buying it’s been 10 of 10. All info you need you gonna get it. Also really quick shipment process for get your power meter in Europe. If I have to buy another powermeter I will use again this site with no doubt.

    • Power Meter City

      Thank you so much, David. It was a pleasure doing business with you! If there is anything else we can do, please let us know! Ride safe!

  2. Derek Cowan (verified owner)

    The origin is a wonderful power meter. It almost looks like a work of art. Works great with my Dura Ace chain rings. It’s probably psychological but I feel like I’m generating more power with the stiffness of the carbon crank arms. Wattage is nice and accurate, no need for all the fancy data, just pure accurate power.
    Easy to install and paired right up with my wahoo bolt. Cadence sensor was easy to install on the bottom of the bike with the included 3M tape.
    Power meter city provided me with a wonderful experience. Josh was a delight to work with and the service and communication was flawless. I will definitely come back again for any power meter or other accessory need. Great job guys. Thanks.

    • Power Meter City

      Thank you so much Derek, we also want to thank you for being a great customer. We hope you will enjoy your new SRM Origin Road Carbon Power Meter. Let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  3. Abd Rahim (verified owner)

    The Origin is the best and amazing. It . It’s obviously beautiful, everyday went riding it become like to have more km to roll and roll performance seems to be out of this world good. Readings are instantaneous, consistent, and oddity/fluke free. The carbon crankarms feel wonderfully stiff just a really solid set to push THAT IS NO ERROR At all the best ever power meter

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Abd! Wow thank you for this amazing review on your SRM Origin Road Carbon Power Meter. We are glad theyre working great on you and we hope you continue to enjoy them. We are here if there is anything else we can do!

  4. Patrick (verified owner)

    Best Power meter Hands Down !! I have had Pioneer, Garmin Pedals, Quarq power meters and by far I have never have a drop inn power or issue with accuracy using SRM they just work. Now SRM is ant+ only and will not give you all these crazy metrics but all i want to look at is power and only use while riding outside never on a trainer. With Garmin I had endless drop out issues and right pedal missing 10 times while riding then 5 min waiting period for calibration. Pioneer has been better I use on my other bike and don’t have issues but sometimes It takes 2 or 3 times to calibrate. The SRM is so simple !! My previous SRM lasted 7 years before I had to have battery replaced. Hopefully I will get similar results from the SRM origin.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi Patrick. Thanks for this awesome review on your SRM Origin Carbon Power Meter. We are glad you liked it and works great! We hope you continue to enjoy them and please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

  5. K. Hassell

    The Origin is simply amazing. It’s been set and forget and flat-out perfect performance from day 1. I’ve got 980 miles on it thus far and simply can’t rave about it enough. It’s obviously beautiful, but the performance seems to be out of this world good. Readings are instantaneous, consistent, and oddity/fluke free. The carbon crankarms feel wonderfully stiff…. like when I switched from Giro to Bont shoes…. just a really solid set to push against (of course this might be psychological, but… it’s still awesome). I’m going to be testing out moving from 172.5mm down to 170mm crank length in a week or so, which is just another fantastic option that you get with the Origin.

    • Power Meter City

      Hi K. Hassell. We are absolutely thrilled to hear the SRM Origin is everything you wanted it to be. We know you waited a while for it and it sounds like it was worth the wait – awesome stuff! Happy training good luck with the 170 mm setting!

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