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ROTOR INpower REX 1 – Left Side Only

josh January 30, 2018


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About the ROTOR INpower REX 1 – Left Side Only

If you already have a ROTOR REX 1 crank, you can add power to your bike by buying this INpower REX 1 Left Side Only crank arm.  The ROTOR INpower REX 1 places its 4 strain gauges inside the axle, which is attached to the left crank arm, so all you need to do is remove your existing left arm and install this one.

Another advantage to the axle-based design is that it means the critical components of the power meter are safe from impact, dirt and water, plus it allows you to maintain your bike’s sleek, elegant aesthetics.

INpower’s TORQUE 360 and OCA pedal analysis allows you to define your pedal performance and apply it to Q-Rings to reach your full potential. The ROTOR INpower REX 1 is powered by a AA battery and records your power readings via your ANT+ head unit.

Why ROTOR INpower

UBB. Universal Bottom Bracket – INpower cranks are compatible with almost every bike frame in the market.

NEW Features Optimized for Q-Rings – TORQUE 360 and OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle) help cyclists precisely and accurately analyze force variations in their pedal stroke.

Integrated Electronics Inside – Electronics and battery are integrated inside the axle, making INpower shock and contaminant resistant, and waterproof with cleaner data transfer.

Tool-free Battery Replacement – INpower uses a standard AA battery that typically lasts 300 hours when fully charged. A rechargeable AA battery can also be used.

Compatible With All ROTOR 30mm Cranks – INpower’s axle-based technology offers a wide range of cranks for both road and off-road riding.


INpower is equipped with the UBB30 axle. UBB30 is a 30mm diameter axle which is compatible with almost all standard frames in the market (when used with the correct spacers). ROTOR INpower can be installed on your bike even if your current cranks are 24mm diameter.

Specifically, UBB30 is compatible with the following standards: BB30 (68/73mm), PF30 (68/73mm), BSA threaded, ITA threaded, BBright and BBright Direct Fit, BB86, BB386 EVO, BB89 and BB92.

The only frames not compatible with the UBB30 system are BB90 and BB95 (both for 24 mm diameter axle).


NameREX 1 - Left Side Only
Power Meter TypeAxle / Bottom Bracket
Type: GaugeStrain
Number of strain gauges4
Weight343 grams (170)
Crank Arm Lengths170, 172.5, 175mm
BCD OptionsNA
Battery TypeAA
Battery Life300 hours
Left/Right Power MeasurementNo
Communication ProtocolANT+
Claimed AccuracyNA
Q FactorNA


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