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PowerTap PowerCal Heart Rate Monitor

admin September 3, 2017


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About the PowerTap PowerCal

The PowerTap PowerCal is the world’s first-ever power meter calculated from heart rate. At the time of its release it was an incredible innovation combining two important training metrics: heart rate and power. And after all these years, the it remains as one of our most popular products, and for a good reason–athletes of all kinds trust it ride after ride.


● Signal Transmission: Bluetooth SMART  (Cycling Power Service, Heart Rate Service, Device Info Service) or ANT+ (2.4 GHz)

● Operational Temperature: 0-40C/32-103F

● Battery Type: CR2032

● Battery Life: 400 Operational Hours (Bluetooth); 600 Operational Hours (ANT+)

● It is not a waterproof device and should not be submerged in water

● BLE is compatible exclusively with the PowerTap mobile application on iPhone 4S or higher.

● ANT+ is compatible with android and iPhone/iPad devices with use of appropriate ANT+ adapter key.

● ANT+ is not compatible with cervos (little yellow computer) or older grey indoor cycle consoles.


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