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PowerTap C1 Replacement Chainrings

josh September 29, 2018


Your PowerTap C1 Chainring will feel like new again with a replacement set of chainrings

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PowerTap C1 Replacement Chainrings

After a while, the chainrings on your PowerTap C1 power meter can start to wear down, just like any chainring. However, with these PowerTap C1 Replacement Chainrings, you can quickly and easily make your C1 power meter feel like new again. These replacement chainrings will bolt directly up to your existing PowerTap C1 power meter – just swap out your worn rings for a new set.

Please note, you are viewing the PowerTap C1 Replacement Chainrings only (no power meter sensor). If you are interested in the complete PowerTap C1 power meter, please click on the button below.


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