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Garmin Rally XC100 MTB Upgrade Pedal

Josh Matthew October 6, 2021


Transform your XC100 into a complete, dual-sided power meter!

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Garmin Rally XC100 MTB Upgrade Pedal

Enjoying your Garmin Rally XC100 power meter but want to take advantage of dual-side power measurement? Well, the Garmin Rally XC100 MTB Upgrade Pedal is your answer! The XC100 Upgrade Pedal allows you to quickly and easily transform your XC100 into a dual-sensing power meter.

With a dual-sided system, you can measure power from both legs, which can increase the accuracy of your power data. In addition, you will be able to monitor left/right balance. Everyone’s power distribution is different and knowing where your balance lies can help you become a faster, stronger cyclist! Having a dual-sided system will also give you access to Garmin’s cycling dynamics data.


Tools Needed for Installation

  • 15 mm pedal wrench


In the Box

  • Right pedal with sensor
  • Documentation




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