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Dual-Sided Crank Arm Power Meters for Road

This page contains our dual-sided crank arm power meters for road bikes. These power meters locate a power sensor on both crank arms and can therefore measure total as well as independent left/right leg power.

Additional Information:

Brands: We carry dual-sided crank-arm based power meters from 4iiii Innovations, Stages Cycling, Pioneer and Verve Cycling.

Options: All three of these companies (with the exception of Verve) make dual-sided cranksets (the power meters on this page) that measure a rider’s total power, as well as left side crank arms that measure left leg power only. The left side crank arms can be found on our Crank Arm page.

Important Notes: Before purchasing, you should confirm compatibly with your bike frame. The power sensor that is attached to the inside of crank arm needs approximately 10 mm of room to clear the chainstay as you rotate the cranks. See the image below.

Image showing the clearance between the frame and left side power meter crank arm

Quick Product Comparison:

Price: The 4iiii, Stages and Pioneer units cost approximately the same amount. The Verve Infocrank sells for a bit more.

Installation: All crankset-based power meters take more work to install compared to some other power meter types. This is because you must remove your current crankset from your frame and install the new one. Installation typically takes around 30-60 minutes.

Power Measurement: Dual-sided crank arm power meters measure power from both legs. In addition, because they locate a power sensor on both crank arms, they can also provide independent left/right power.

ANT+/Bluetooth SMART: The 4iiii, Stages and Pioneer power meters are dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatible. The Verve InfoCrank uses ANT+ only.

Batteries: The 4iiii, Stages and Pioneer power meters are run off of CR2032 batteries. Note that with the 4iiii, you also have the choice of a rechargeable battery with their Podium models. The Verve InfoCrank uses a SR44 battery.

Weight: Crank arm-based power meters are one of the lightest power meters you can buy. Each sensor only adds approximately 10-20 grams to the weight of the crankset. The Verve InfoCrank uses a proprietary crankset which adds closer to 100 grams.

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