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Handlebar Power Meters for Road

This page contains our handlebar power meters for road and MTB bikes. These power meters attach to your handlebars and calculate power using accelerometers, dynamic wind pressure sensors, elevation sensors and speed sensors. This is called opposing force power measurement.

Additional Handlebar Power Meters for Road Info:


We carry Velocomp handlebar power meters. Velocomp is the only company that makes a handlebar-mounted power meter.


The Velocomp power meters come in several versions. They all generally work the same way and have the same level of accuracy. However, upgraded versions offer features like Bluetooth SMART, additional software and even CdA measurement, as in the case of the AeroPod Power Meter.

Quick Product Comparison:


The PowerPod Lite (base model) sells for $249. This is followed by the PowerPod v5 for $299, then the AeroPod for $399 or $499, based on the version.

PowerPod Power Meter Comparison Table


Installation is very quick and easy with handlebar mounted power meters. They are compatible with all bikes and simply attach to the handlebars using an included mount. Once installed, they require a one-time calibration ride. In addition, some time is usually required fine-tuning the settings in the included software.

Power Measurement

All handlebar power meters measure power from both legs. They do not however provide real-time independent left/right leg power.

ANT+/Bluetooth SMART

All handlebar power meters use both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART.


Handlebar power meters use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Battery life is around 15 hours.


The Velocomp power meters weigh about 65 grams. This includes the standard mount.

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