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New Power Meter Arrivals

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At Power Meter City, it’s important that we carry the latest power meter models for our customers. The power meter market continues to expand rapidly and manufacturers are frequently releasing new power meters. These power meters often feature improved technology such as the latest drivetrain componentry as well as the newest features. This page lists all of our new power meter arrivals which are available for immediate shipment.

The advantage to buying a power meter that has just been released is that you are getting the latest in power meter technology. In addition, as prices continue to come down, the value to the consumer increases.

Features to Look for in New Power Meters


Power meters are highly complex devices that are not easy to produce. Makers are continuing to improve upon the manufacturing process which leads to both improvements in accuracy as well as increases in reliability.

Bluetooth SMART

Almost all new power meters feature the Bluetooth SMART wireless protocol. This allows them to be used with smart phones, tablets and the latest at home cycle training apps.

Left/Right Power

Left/right power allows the power meter to measure the amount of power each leg is responsible for generating. Some power meters are able to measure this power distribution exactly with a power sensor on both sides of the crankset. Others estimate it with only one sensor located in the spider. Regardless, this is a nifty feature and one that we are seeing on more and more power meters.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are coming standard on many new power meters. While these batteries typically don’t have the same battery life of a coin-cell battery, most users appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about buying and changing batteries every few months.

We are diligent about keeping this page updated. If you see a power meter listed below, it likely came to market with the last couple of months.

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