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Most Popular Road Power Meters

This page lists some of our most popular road power meters. These power meters share a few characteristics that makes them some of our best-selling units: affordability, ease of installation and compatibility.

Additional Most Popular Road Power Meters Info:


While there are some higher priced power meters listed here, most of these power meters are in the $300-600 range. This puts them in the first tier of power meters from a pricing perspective.

Easy installation

It’s a nice bonus when your new power meter is easy to install. This page has several left crank arms and pedal-based power meters. These two power meter types make installation a breeze.

High degree of compatibility

Most of the power meters on this page are compatible across a wide range of bikes. Pedals for example, are compatible with any bike. Shimano cranksets are widely used and therefore, the Shimano crank arms on this page are in high demand. Lastly, the PowerPod listed here is also compatible with any bike.

While these power meters won’t be a perfect fit for everyone, if you’re shopping for your first power meter or are looking for something that is going to be a good value, these popular road power meters are a good place to start!

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