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Team ZWATT Power Meters

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The Team ZWATT power meter is a complete, carbon crankset-based MTB power meter that measures power in the spindle. The power meter is compatible with virtually any frame, is accurate to within 1.5% and features ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility. However what really sets it apart is its price – only $525 for the complete crankset.

Additional Information:

The power meter comes as a complete crankset – power meter spindle, chainrings and crank arms. Installation requires you to remove your existing crankset and replace it with the Team ZWATT. Assuming you are not changing bottom brackets, this is a pretty straightforward process, but is admittedly more involved than say installing a pedal or crank arm.

The power meter is one of the lightest MTB cranksets available weighing a total of 490 grams.

Power Measurement
Similar to the Easton and Race Face power meters, the Team ZWATT measures left side power from the spindle. It takes the force that is generated from the left leg and doubles it to calculate total power.

The power meter uses a lithium ion battery. A full charge takes approximately two hours and supplies over 250 hours of ride time. The power meter also features flight mode which allows you to effectively turn off the power meter. This can be handy if you are transporting your bike and don’t want the power meter to accidentally “wake up.”

Communication Protocol
The power meter transmit data via both the ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART wireless protocols. This means it is compatible with any bicycle computer, smart phone or tablet.

The Team ZWATT power meter is accurate to within +/- 1.5%. This is on par with the majority of other power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection
Like most power meters, the power meter uses an accelerometer to measure cadence. An accelerometer is an electronic device that is housed inside the power sensor and measures your pedaling rate.

The power meter comes with a one-year warranty which covers the product from defects in material and workmanship.

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