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PowerTap Power Meters

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PowerTap has been making power meters for almost 20 years. PowerTap power meters are available in both pedal and hub versions. The P2 Pedal is compatible with road bikes and features dual-sided power, easy installation and Bluetooth SMART. PowerTap also makes the G3 Hub, which is available for road, MTB and track.

Additional Information:

The P2 pedal installs just like or normal pedal – installation doesn’t get any easier. The G3 hub, if purchased as a standalone power meter, must be laced into your rear wheel, which usually requires the assistance of a bicycle mechanic. Note that you can purchase the G3 pre-built into a wheel, which makes installation as easy as swapping wheels.

The PowerTap P2 power meter weighs 199 grams per pedal, which is admittedly a bit heavier than the other pedal-based power meters that are available. The G3 hub weighs between 325-350 grams based on the model.

Power Measurement
All PowerTap power meters are able to measure a rider’s total power. In addition, the P2, which locates a sensor is each pedal, provides independent left/right power analysis.

The P2 uses lithium AAA batteries and gets 80 hours of battery life. The G3 uses the popular 2032 coin cell battery and features 200 hours of battery life.

Communication Protocol
All PowerTap power meters feature both ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility. This allows you to use them with your choice of bicycle computers or smart phones.

These power meters are all accurate to +/- 1.5%. This is the industry standard of accuracy for direct force power meters.

Cadence Detection
Both the P2 Pedal and G3 Hub measure cadence using a built-in accelerometer, the same type of cadence measurement used on most other power meters.

PowerTap power meters come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers them from defects in material and workmanship.

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