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The PowerTap P1 Pedals feature 8 strain gauges per pedal and provide true left/right power measurement with a power sensor located in each pedal. In addition, unlike other pedal offerings such as the Vector 2 pedals, PowerTap’s P1 Pedals hold all of the electronics and batteries inside the pedal unit itself (fully integrated). The P1s feature a forged aluminum pedal body which is standard for most pedals and use proprietary, 3-bolt Keo-style cleats. Since the P1 Pedals transmit data via ANT+ as well as Bluetooth SMART, you have the choice of using a traditional head unit or a smartphone. The P1 Pedals weigh 199 grams each, run off of AAA batteries and provide approximately 60 hours of run time.

PowerTap P1 Pedals


This is one area where the P1s really shine. With some other pedal offerings you need additional tools, making installation more complicated. For example, the Garmin Vector pedals require a torque wrench and a crow-foot adapter in order to install the pod and pedals. However installing the P1s isn’t much more complicated than installing a normal set of pedals. Grab a hex wrench and bolt them on! No torque wrench necessary. This also makes it easy to move the pedals from bike to bike.


The P1 Pedals weigh in at 199 grams per pedal, this is compared to the Garmin Vectors at 179 grams or the bePRO pedals at 156 grams.

Left/Right Power Measurement

While some power meters provide an estimated left/right power figure, only a select few can provide independent left/right data – the PowerTap P1 pedals are one of these. With a power meter located on each pedal, the P1s provide true left/right power measurement.  The independent measurement opens the possibility for a new set of pedaling metrics previously unavailable to help give you the a competitive edge.

PowerTap P1 Pedals banner


Battery Type

The P1s run off of AAA batteries (one in each pedal), and everyone knows that AAA batteries are perhaps the easiest battery to find – behind maybe AA batteries. For best performance, PowerTap recommends using lithium batteries. Compared to their alkaline counterparts, lithium batteries are more powerful and regulate heat better.

Battery Life

The P1s can go for approximately 60 hours on a set of batteries.

Difficulty to Change

The batteries are easy to change on the P1s. There is a battery compartment just below the platform of the pedal (lower left picture below), which you can open using a 6 mm hex wrench. Take care when opening the battery compartment – the orange end caps are made with a softer metal alloy and you can strip the ends with your hex wrench if not careful.

Communication Protocol

The PowerTap P1 pedals transmit data via ANT+ as well as Bluetooth SMART, which means you have the choice of using a traditional head unit or a smartphone. Note that in order to get left/right data, you will need a head unit that supports this functionality. The majority of head units produced in the last few years do so.

Left side PowerTap P1 Pedal


The pedals are accurate to within +/-1.5%. This is on par with the majority of power meters on the market.

Cadence Detection

To measure cadence, most power meters use either a magnet (which is attached to the bike frame) and a reed switch, or an accelerometer (a device housed inside the power meter which measures proper acceleration). In the case of the P1s, an accelerometer is used.


PowerTap recommends you perform a manual zero before each ride in order to ensure accurate power readings. A pre-ride zero offset is common practice for almost all power meters and only takes a few seconds to perform.

Black and white image of PowerTap P1 Pedals


The electronics have a 2 year global warranty. The bearings, skid, and plate are all wearable items and do not have a warranty.

Stack Height

The P1 pedal’s stack height is 14mm, which is about 3-5mm greater than most of the popular pedals on the market. So pay attention to the stack height of your old pedals and adjust your saddle if necessary in order to keep your bike fit the same.

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