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PowerTap G3 Hub Firmware Update


ANT+ G3 Hub

Date: 03/06/16

Current firmware version #: 16.063

Known bug fixes:

  • Change offset reported from inch/lbs to Nm
  • Changed offset reported to reference zero Nm instead of 512
  • Set manual zero limits to +/-3.0 Nm. Manual zero will fail if calibration is outside of range
  • Improved manual zero to ensure the power meter performs within factory specifications


BLE G3 Hub

Date: 03/19/14

Current firmware version #: 21.058

Known bug fixes:

  • Added a reset after sleep to resolve zero power/speed issue
  • Modified the lower battery warning logic to reduce false positives


Dual ANT+/BLE G3 Hub

Date: 07/06/16

Current firmware version #: 28.037

Replaces firmware version #: 28.036

Known bug fixes:

  • Improved power consumption in sleep mode

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