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PowerTap C1 Chainrings FAQ


Is the C1 a complete crank set up or just the chainrings?

The PowerTap C1 Chainring is a one piece design which includes a one piece large and small chainring , sensor and electronics. Crank arms is not included. The C1 bolts to your existing 110 BCD crank spider.

Can I replace the chainrings if they get worn?

Yes, chainrings can be replaced by user if replacing with same tooth profile. If a different tooth configuration is desired, we require the sensor to be recalibrated by PowerTap.

Is the C1 Chainring compatible with osymetric chainrings?

The C1 Chainring will not work with osymetric chainrings.

What is the warranty on the C1 Chainrings?

The electronics have a 2 year global warranty. The chainrings are a wearable item and do not have a warranty.



Will the C1 fit on my bike?

The C1 is designed for only 110 BCD, 5-bolt pattern cranks.

Will the C1 Chainrings work with my carbon cranks?

Yes, the C1 Chainrings work with most alloy and carbon cranks with 110 BCD, 5-bolt pattern compatibility.

What chainring options do I have?

The C1s are available in 53/39t, 52/36t and 50/36t chainring combinations.

Please note, the C1 is not compatible with anything less than a 50/36t due to sensor and gearing interference.

Can I use my own chainrings with the C1?

Yes. While PowerTap only supports their own chainrings with the C1, users have reported that the power meter works just fine using other 3rd party chainrings – so that decision is up to you.

Will the C1 work with a 130 BCD crank?

The C1 is designed for only 110 BCD, 5-bolt pattern cranks.



What type of battery does the C1 need?

The C1 uses a replaceable coin cell CR2032 battery.



Can I manually zero or auto zero the C1 Chainrings?

Yes. We recommend that you perform a manual zero before each ride. The C1 also has auto-zero that is triggered while coasting during your ride.

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