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PowerPod Set-Up Instructions

We have put together the following PowerPod set-up instructions so you can get up and running quickly and start training with your PowerPod! In addition to the basic set-up steps, we have included some tips where applicable. This entire set-up and calibration process can typically be done in as little as 15-20 minutes. If you have any questions on these PowerPod set-up instructions, please let us know.


Charge the PowerPod

1. Fully charge the PowerPod using the USB drive on your computer or a USB charger (not included)

  • The light on the PowerPod should flash red during the charge
  • The light will turn off when fully charged
  • The initial charge takes the longest – a little over an hour. If you charge it after each ride, a full charge only takes about 10-15 minutes


Attach the PowerPod to the bike

1. Attach the PowerPod mount to your bike

  • The PowerPod can be mounted to the left or right side of the stem. Choose the side with the fewest cables and clutter
  • Also, when attaching the mount, orient the flat face and thumb screw towards the brake lever

2. Attach the PowerPod to the mount

  • Once in the mount, push the PowerPod forward until it is all the way forward and then tighten the thumb screw
  • The PowerPod logo should be level with the ground. If it is not, rotate the mount on the bars until the logo is level
  • Make sure there are not any cables blocking the wind port


Install speed sensor or speed/cadence sensor

1.  Install your ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor

  • You can either use a speed only sensor or a dual speed/cadence sensor


Pair the PowerPod to your speed sensor

1. Spin your rear wheel to awaken the speed sensor

  • Some sensors require about 5 complete turns of the crank to awaken

2. Press and hold the button on the PowerPod for 4 seconds

3. Release the button once it flashes green

4. If pairing was successful, the light should be solid green. A red light means pairing was unsuccessful

  • If red, check to see (a) the magnets are breaking the sensor fields on their indicated marks and (b) the distance between the magnets and sensors are a maximum of 2-3 mm
  • Please note – if you are using a separate speed and cadence sensor (instead of one combined speed/cadence sensor), after the PowerPod pairs to the first of the two sensors, it will flash red four times, after which it will then pair to the second sensor before finally going to solid green

The PowerPod won’t connect to a head unit until it has been paired with a speed sensor


Pair your ANT+ bike computer or watch to your speed sensor

1. Follow your head unit manufacturers’ pairing instructions


Pair the PowerPod to your ANT+ bike computer or watch

1. On your ANT+ bike computer or watch, navigate to the power sensors screen and search for new sensors

2. Then press the button on the PowerPod power meter

3. Your ANT+ bike computer or watch should indicate that a new sensor was found


Set up the power field on your ANT+ bike computer or watch

1. On your ANT+ bike computer or watch, add Power to your data screen

  • Note, for most power meters, we typically recommend using 3 or 5 second average power on your head unit for best results. The PowerPod however, uses dynamic power smoothing by default. So just add Power (no power smoothing)


Calibrate the PowerPod

1. Press the button on the PowerPod. A solid yellow light means ready to calibrate

2. Begin your 5-minute calibration ride

  • Aim for a steady ride with minimal stops or interruptions

3. During the ride, the light will flash yellow, indicating that the calibration procedure is in progress. You will also see the watts on your head unit increase from 1 to 100

4. After 5 minutes, you should reach 100, at which point the calibration process is complete and your actual power will begin to show

5. Once your calibration is complete, click the button on the PowerPod again. It should flash green. Spin the back wheel and it changes to solid green. Your calibration is now complete

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