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PowerPod FAQ


Will the PowerPod work on my bike?

The PowerPod power meter is compatible with any any bike that has round, 31.8 mm handlebars.

Which bicycle computers are compatible with the PowerPod?

The PowerPod transmits data through both the ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART protocols and will therefore work with virtually any head unit, smart phone or tablet.

How accurate is the PowerPod?

PowerPod’s accuracy is on par with the more expensive, traditional type power meters. In some testing done against an SRM power meter, the PowerPod was shown to be within +/- 3% of the SRM.

Does it work on trainers?

Yes, the PowerPod has a Trainer Mode and is compatible with over 100 types of trainers and rollers.

How much does the PowerPod power meter weigh?

The PowerPod weighs just 32 grams. To put it in perspective, this is about the weight of 32, average size paperclips. The PowerPod plus the mount weighs 65 grams.

Do I need a separate speed or speed/cadence sensor?

Yes, the PowerPod requires an ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor, which is not included.

Does the PowerPod transmit cadence?

No. While a cadence sensor is not required for basic operation, you can always choose to add one if you wish.

Which cadence sensors work with the PowerPod?

The vast majority of cadence sensors work well with the PowerPod. A few that seem to be problematic that you might want to avoid are:

  1. Garmin GSC-10 Speed and Cadence Sensor
  2. VeloComputer Smart Sensor
  3. Giant ANT+ RideSense Sensor and Magnets

Does the PowerPod power meter come with a warranty?

The PowerPod comes with a one-year warranty which promises that the power meter will be free from defects in both material and workmanship.

Does the PowerPod work with both road and mountain bikes?




How do I set-up my PowerPod?

  1. Attach the PowerPod mount to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)
  2. Pair the PowerPod to your bike computer’s ANT+ speed or speed/cadence sensor
  3. Pair your Garmin or other ANT+ or Bluetooth SMART bike computer to your PowerPod
  4. Then ride!



What type of battery does the PowerPod use?

The PowerPod uses a USB-rechargeable battery.

How often does the PowerPod need to be recharged?

The battery lasts for approximately 20 hours before needing to be recharged.



I heard the calibration process with the PowerPod is different than other power meters?

Yes. The PowerPod calibrates for the first 5 minutes of your first ride. After that, you’re all set. To calibrate, follow these steps:

  1. With the light on the PowerPod yellow, press the button on the top of the PowerPod
  2. Perform a 5-minute ride during which point the PowerPod will calibrate. Aim for a steady ride with minimal stops or interruptions
  3. During the ride, the light will flash yellow, indicating that the calibration procedure is in progress. You will also see the watts on your head unit increase from 1 to 100
  4. After 5 minutes, you should reach 100, at which point the calibration process is complete and your actual power will begin to show
  5. Click the button on the PowerPod again
  6. The light should flash green
  7. Begin pedaling and the light should turn solid green



Why do my watts seem off for the first several minutes of my ride?

The PowerPod is likely placed in the mount at a slightly different angle than it was on the last ride. When this happens, the PowerPod performs an 8 minute automatic re-calibration process during which time your power numbers will be off. To prevent this, be sure to reattach the PowerPod in the exact same position. Here is a tip – before tightening the mount bolt fully, push the PowerPod from the rear, until its rotation is stopped by the mount. Then, tighten the mount bolt firmly, so that the PowerPod cannot rotate.

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