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Garmin Vector 2 FAQ


Which is the difference between the Vector 2 and the Vector 2S?

The Vector 2 is a dual-sided model while the Vector 2S is a single-sided model. With the dual-sided Vector 2, Garmin places a power sensor in both pedals, so the power meter can independently measure power from each leg. This allows it to measure total power as well left/right power balance. The single-sided Vector 2S measures forces on the left pedal only and uses this data to approximate total power.

Can I upgrade my Vector 2S to a Vector 2 version?

Yes. All you have to do is purchase the Vector 2S Upgrade Pedal.

How accurate are the Garmin Vectors?

The Gamin Vector pedals are accurate to +/- 2.0%, which is in-line with other, direct force power meters.

Which bicycle computers are compatible with the Garmin Vector?

The Vector transmits information through the ANT+ protocol so as long as your head unit is ANT+ compatible, you are all set. We always recommend upgrading the firmware of your bicycle computer according to the instructions given by the manufacturer for best performance.

Can I still use Vector if my head unit supports ANT+ power meters, but does not support left-right power balance?

Vector will report power and cadence on any ANT+ compatible device that can report power and cadence. However, Vector will only report left/right balance to compatible devices that can receive the left/right ANT+ messages.

Is the Garmin Vector supplied with cleats?

Yes. The Garmin Vectors come with a set of LOOK Keo style cleats which must be used with the power meter. We note that all other pedal-based power meter offerings also use this same cleat style. If you prefer to use Shimano pedals, you can purchase a Vector Shimano Cartridge Kit for $99.99 that will allow the Vector 2 and 2S hardware to be swapped into a Shimano PD-6800 pedal body. See here.

Do I have to continue to use a cadence sensor or can I remove it?

The Garmin Vector calculates and sends the cadence automatically; an additional cadence sensor is not necessary.

How much do the pedals weigh?

The Vector 2 pedals weigh 179 grams each. The Vector 2S pedals weigh 179 grams for the left pedal and 164 grams for the right.

Do the Vectors support the use of elliptical rings?

The Vectors assume constant angular velocity within a single crank revolution. For most riding conditions and bike set-ups, this assumption allows the Vector systems to report power within its stated accuracy.

Garmin has not determined, how variable the angular velocity is when using the elliptical rings in real riding conditions. Because of this, we are unable to state what impact would appear on power values. This is likely a function of how elliptical the rings are, and the pedaling style of the rider.

Both Vector systems are taking multiple samples per crank revolution and has the ability to determine a micro-cadence.

For the best accuracy, you should install the Vector 2 on a circular ring set.

What are cycling dynamics?

Cycling dynamics are metrics and visual displays based upon Vector force data, which are transmitted to compatible Garmin Fitness devices. Cycling dynamic data can also be analyzed in Garmin Connect by uploading and viewing the details of the activity.

What is the stack height of the Garmin Vector pedals?

The stack height is 10.5 mm.

What is the warranty on the Garmin Vectors?

The Garmin Vectors come with a standard 2 year warranty.



How easy are the Vectors to install?

If you can install a normal set of pedals, you can install the Vectors. Just use the supplied crow foot adapter instead of an Allen wrench and you’re set. No torque wrench necessary.

Can I use any other model of Shimano pedals with the Vector/Shimano Cartridge Kit?

Garmin has only validated the PD-6800 cartridge kit when used with PD-6800 pedal bodies. Although other pedal bodies may fit, Garmin cannot warranty or support the system if you use other models of pedal body.



What type of battery does my Garmin Vectors use?

Garmin Vectors use a user-replaceable 3-volt CR2032 battery. CR2032 batteries are standard batteries that can be purchased in the electronics department of most stores, or where watch batteries are sold.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life for the Garmin Vectors is 175 hours.

Is it difficult to change the battery?

Changing batteries on the Garmin Vector 2 doesn’t get much easier. The batteries are located in the pedals pods making them easily accessible. Pop out the old battery, put in the new one and you’re back on the road.



Do I need to calibrate the Garmin Vectors?

Yes, we recommend you perform a manual zero after each new installation and before each ride in order to ensure accurate power readings. A pre-ride zero offset is common practice for almost all power meters and only takes a few seconds to perform.

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