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What power meter will work with my super boost MTB crankset?

This is one of those where we wish there were more options but there just aren’t. Super boost is still a new standard and we’re not sure how many manufacturers are going to embrace it. Currently, the only power meter that is super boost compatible is the power2max NGeco e*thirteen MTB Power Meter. However, as the name implies, this power meter spider is made specifically for e*thirteen cranksets including the XCX, TRS and LG1. If you currently have one of these cranksets, you can bolt this power meter spider directly on, otherwise, you will need to buy the e*thirteen crankset in addition to the power meter.

Of course, you can also use MTB power meter pedals as they can be installed on any MTB crankset. We have both the Garmin Rally XC and the SRM X-Power.

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