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Magene Power Meter Crankset Comparison

Magene power meters are an accurate and affordable power meter option for those looking to add a dual-sided, spider-based power to their bike. While you can also buy a Magene power meter and bolt it up to your existing crankset, this page outlines fully-built cranksets that come ready to ride. We offer the Magene power meter on a number of different crank arms which provide for varying levels of price, performance, compatibility and crank arm length.


Magene Power Meter Crankset Comparison Table

Magene PES Magene QED Magene ROTOR Alu. Magene ROTOR Carbon
Cost $410 $460 $550 $750
Accuracy +/- 1.5% +/- 1.0% +/- 1.0% +/- 1.0%
Weight (Grams) 650 618 550 461
Crank Arm Material Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum 7075 Carbon
Spindle 24 mm 29 mm DUB 24 mm & 30 mm 30 mm
Crank Lengths 165-172.5 mm 165-175 mm 155-175 mm 155 -175 mm
Chainring Compatibility 110×4 110×4 110×4 & 110×5 110×4 & 110×5

Magene PES Crankset

The Magene PES Crankset is the most affordable option. This crankset uses an aluminum 6061 crank arm and 24 mm spindle, so it is great for riders who are currently using a Shimano crankset and are looking to upgrade. It is compatible with 110×4 BCD chainrings.


Magene QED Crankset

When compared to the Magene PES, the Magene QED Crankset features slightly better accuracy and uses a DUB spindle which makes it a great option for riders using a SRAM crankset that also uses a DUB spindle. It uses aluminum 7075 crank arms which are lighter and stiffer than the ones used on the PES crankset. The QED is compatible with 110×4 BCD chainrings.


Magene ROTOR Cranksets

The Magene ROTOR ALDHU Power Meter Crankset is the most versatile. It also uses an aluminum crank arm however it uses slightly more common 24 mm and 30 mm spindles. In addition, it comes in several different crank arm lengths. The Magene ROTOR ALDHU Carbon Power Meter Crankset is the most expensive. This is because it uses high-end carbon crank arms that are very light and stiff.

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