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How do I upgrade my power2max NGeco power meter to display power balance?

power2max sells two versions of its power meter: NGeco and NG. The NG is the premier version with slightly better accuracy, a longer warranty and some other additional features. You can view all of the differences here. If you purchase the NGeco, you can upgrade it at any time to display left/right power balance, a feature that comes as standard on the NG. You also get Pedal Smoothness when you upgrade.


Do I need power balance?

To be clear, the power2max NGeco power meter measures power from both legs right out of the box. In fact, most customers don’t choose to upgrade it as it’s very accurate to begin with. However, with power balance, you are able to see how much power each leg is generating individually. If this information is important to you, you can choose to upgrade the power meter at any time.


How do I upgrade my NGeco?

You can upgrade your NGeco using your power2max app. The cost to upgrade is 50 euros.

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