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4iiii PRECISION 2 vs. PRECISION 3+ Comparison

4iiii makes two versions of its power meter, the PRECISION 2 and the PRECISION 3+.

The P3+ was introduced in early 2022 and offers the following benefits over the P2 model:

1. Increased Battery Life: The new PRECISION 3+ features 800 hours of battery life. This is the longest coin cell battery life in a power meter on the market and compares to 100 hours for the 4iiii PRECISION 2.

2. Slimmer Sensor: The P3+ uses a sleeker, slimmer power sensor. This is significant because whenever you are installing a left side power meter crank arm, you need to confirm you have the necessary clearance between the left crank arm and the chainstay in order for the sensor to clear. With the P3+ sensor, you need approximately 8 mm of clearance vs. 10 mm for the P2. This means the new P3+ fits more bikes!

3. Better Connectivity: The P3+ uses stronger antenna for better connectivity with your bicycle computer or smart phone.

4. New Indicator Light: The P3+ now uses an indicator light for battery life, zero-offsets and when the unit has been turned on. This makes the power meter more user friendly.

Josh Matthew

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