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Power Meter Comparison Tool

Step 1. Bike – Road

Step 2. Power Meter Type – Pedal

Step 3. Select Power Meter

You have 3 pedal-based power meters to choose from for your road bike. However, each power meter comes in either a dual-sided or single-sided option, effectively giving you 6 power meters to choose from in total.

PowerTap P1 PedalGarmin Vector 2bePRO
Cost$699 - $1,199 (2)$599 - $999 (5)$549 - $824 (8)
Accuracy+/- 1.5%+/- 2.0%+/- 2.0%
Battery TypeAAACR2032Rechargeable lithium battery
Battery Life60 hours175 hours30 hours
Cadence DetectionAccelerometerAccelerometerAccelerometer
L/R Power BalanceYes (3)Yes (6)Yes (9)
Stack Height14.0 mm10.5 mm10.5 mm
Weight (1)199 grams (each pedal) (4)179 grams (each pedal) (7)156 grams (each pedal) (10)
CompatibilityThe PowerTap P1 is compatible with all standard, road bike crank armsThe Garmin Vector is compatible with all standard, road bike crank arms up to 44 mm wideThe bePRO power meter is compatible with cranks arms that have a 9/16″-20 TPI thread and a thickness of at least 12mm – which is the vast majority of crank arms
ProsThe P1 Pedals have a power meter on each pedal, giving it the ability to measure true left and right powerThe Vector 2 locates a power meter on on each pedal, giving it the ability to measure true left and right powerSince the bePRO locates a power meter on each pedal, it can measure true left and right power
Easy installation. Installing the P1s isn’t much more complicated than installing a normal set of pedals. Grab a hex wrench and bolt them on! No torque wrench necessary. This also makes it easy to move the pedals from bike to bikeWhile the Garmin Vectors come with a set of LOOK Keo style cleats, the Vector can be modified to fit Shimano pedals. You can purchase a new DIY Vector Shimano Cartridge Kit that will allow the Vector 2 and 2S hardware to be swapped into a Shimano PD-6800 pedal bodyPriced right. At $824 for the bePRO, you have dual-sided power at a very reasonable price
The P1s transmit data via ANT+ as well as Bluetooth SMART, which means you have the choice of using a traditional head unit or a smartphoneThe dual-sided Vector 2 provides access to Garmin’s suite of advanced cycling dynamics data. Included in this data are things like power phase, peak power phase, platform center offset
ConsiderationsYou must use the cleats that come with your P1. The P1 uses cleats that are very similar to – but not exactly the same as – LOOK Kèo cleatsSome people don’t like the fact that the pedals require you to mount a pedal pod to the pedal spindleYou must use the cleats that come with your bePRO pedals. The bePRO uses LOOK Kèo style cleats. If you have LOOK Kèo original cleats, they will also be compatible with the pedals
The P1 Pedal’s stack height is 14mm, which is about 3-5mm greater than your average pedal. So you might want to raise your saddle by this amount to keep your bike fit the sameGarmin has stated that for best accuracy, it is advised to use standard, circular rings when using Garmin Vector pedalsThe bePRO power meter uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which have a 30-hour life. Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need to buy new batteries, however you have to be diligent about keeping your pedals charged

Select PowerTap

Select Garmin

Select bePRO


(1) When considering weight, be sure to calculate the added weight of the power meter. For example, if a PowerTap hub weighs 320 grams, but the hub you are replacing weighs 250 grams, the net addition is 70 grams.

(2) You have the choice of the dual-sided PowerTap P1 for $1,199, or the single-sided PowerTap P1S for $699.

(3) The PowerTap P1 offers dual-sided power measurement. The PowerTap P1S does not.

(4) The PowerTap P1 pedals weigh 199 grams each. The PowerTap P1S pedals weigh 199 grams (left pedal) and 191 grams (right pedal).

(5) You have the choice of the dual-sided Garmin Vector 2 for $999, or the single-sided Garmin Vector 2S for $599.

(6) The Garmin Vector 2 offers dual-sided power measurement. The Vector 2S does not.

(7) The Garmin Vector 2 pedals weigh 179 grams each. The Garmin Vector 2S pedals weigh 179 grams (left pedal) and 164 grams (right pedal).

(8) You have the choice of the dual-sided bePRO for $824, or the single-sided bePRO S for $549.

(9) The bePRO offers dual-sided power measurement. The bePRO S does not.

(10) The bePRO pedals weigh 156 grams each. The bePRO S pedals weigh 156 grams (left pedal) and 140 grams (right pedal).

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