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Power Meter Comparison Tool

Step 1. Bike – Road

Step 2. Power Meter Type – Opposing Force Power Meter

Step 3. Select Power Meter

Your choice here is easy. Velocomp’s PowerPod is the OFPM of choice and what is carried by Power Meter City.

Cost$299 - $404 (2)
Accuracy+/- 3.0%
Battery TypeUSB-rechargeable
Battery Life20 hours
Cadence DetectionNone
L/R Power BalanceYes (3)
Weight (1)150 grams (added)
CompatibilitySince the power meter attaches to the handlebars, compatibility is a non-factor. The power meter is compatible with each and every bike
ProsWith an MSRP of $299, it is the most affordable power meter on the market
Since the PowerPod simply attaches to your handlebars, the power meter is easy to set-up and can be quickly and easily transferred from bike to bike
The PowerPod weighs just 32 grams. To put it in perspective, this is about the weight of 32, average size paperclips. The PowerPod plus the mount weighs 65 grams
ConsiderationsIn some accuracy testing done against an SRM power meter, the PowerPod was shown to be within +/-3% of the SRM. To put this in perspective, most other power meter manufacturers often claim +/- 1.5 or 2% accuracy

Select PowerPod


(1) When considering weight, be sure to calculate the added weight of the power meter. For example, if a PowerTap hub weighs 320 grams, but the hub you are replacing weighs 250 grams, the net addition is 70 grams.

(2) Price varies based on the addition of Bluetooth SMART capability and the PowerStroke software option

(3) PowerPod doesn’t display left/right data in real-time on your head unit like the other actual L/R power meters, however using its PowerStroke software (a $99 upgrade), you can analyze left/right power as well as other data, post-ride

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