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Power Meter Comparison Tool

Step 1. Bike – Road

Step 2. Power Meter Type – Crank Arm – Dual-Sided

Step 3. Select Power Meter

Your choice here is easy. Verve Cycling is the only manufacturer of a dual-sided, crank-arm based power meter.

Verve InfoCrank
Accuracy+/- 0.5%
Battery TypeSR44
Battery Life500 hours
Cadence DetectionCPS Technology (4)
L/R Power BalanceYes
Weight (1)(2)690 - 726 grams
Compatibility (3)The Verve InfoCrank M30 power meter comes with a 110 BCD and a Praxis M30 30 mm spindle for its integrated bottom bracket design. The spindle is purpose built for the M30 bottom bracket exclusively. The power meter includes specific bottom bracket cups from Praxis so the power meter will fit 68 mm wide BB30, PF30, BB86, OSBB, or BSA (English Threaded) frames
ProsThe Verve InfoCrank is accurate to +/- 0.5%, making it the most accurate power meter you can buy
The InfoCrank locates a power meter on each crank arm, giving it the ability to measure true left and right power
The Verve Cycling InfoCrank has a battery life of approximately 500 hours. This is compared to an average of approximately 300-350 hours for other power meters
With the InfoCrank, there is no need to perform a zero-offset before every ride
The InfoCrank measures cadence internal to the cranks, using the strain gauges to read the tangential load. Their algorithm uses Crank Position System (CPS) technology, which is able to accurately detect cadence pulses regardless of power or pedaling style
ConsiderationsThe InfoCrank isn’t compatible with all frames. However between their M30 and 24 mm models, the majority of frames are indeed covered
Is not offered with a 53/39t chainring. If you wish to run this size, you must supply your own 3rd party chainring

Select Verve InfoCrank


(1) When considering weight, be sure to calculate the added weight of the power meter. For example, if a PowerTap hub weighs 320 grams, but the hub you are replacing weighs 250 grams, the net addition is 70 grams.

(2) The Verve InfoCrank M30 weighs 690 grams. The Verve InfoCrank 24 mm weights 726 grams.

(3) Please see the Verve InfoCrank product page for more information regarding compatibility. If you have any questions, please contact us.

(4) CPS stands for Crank Position System and is a technology used by Verve Cycling in order to measure cadence with their InfoCrank power meter. The technology measures cadence internal to the cranks, using the strain gauges to read the tangential load.  CPS technology is extremely accurate and is able to detect cadence pulses regardless of power or pedaling style.

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