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Power Meter Comparison Tool

Step 1. Bike – Road

Step 2. Power Meter Type – Chainring

Step 3. Select Power Meter

PowerTap is the only manufacturer of a chainring-based power meter.

PowerTap C1 Chainring
Accuracy+/- 1.5%
Battery TypeCR2032
Battery Life200 hours
Cadence DetectionAccelerometer
L/R Power BalanceYes (estimated)
ANT+ / BLEBluetooth SMART and ANT+
Weight (1)150 grams (added)
CompatibilityThe PowerTap C1 Chainrings will bolt directly onto almost any 5-bolt 110 BCD compact crank, including carbon cranks
ProsYou can keep your current crankset (spider and crank arms) since you’re only replacing your chainrings. This is a big plus
The PowerTap C1 transmits left/right power balance
The PowerTap transmits data via both the ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART wireless protocols
ConsiderationsBecause of the nature of the C1 spider, it can’t take a ring smaller than a 36t. This is because the diameter on a 34t for example, is too small and would interfere with the pod on the C1

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(1) When considering weight, be sure to calculate the added weight of the power meter. For example, if a PowerTap hub weighs 320 grams, but the hub you are replacing weighs 250 grams, the net addition is 70 grams.

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