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Power Meter City Approved Coaches

At Power Meter City, we are big believers of hiring a coach. The value that they can provide, especially if you are training with power, can be immense. If you are familiar with power meters, you know that a power meter is the single, most effective training tool you can use for improving performance. Similar to a power meter, the ‘bang for your buck’ you get when hiring a coach is huge. When you combine a power meter with a coach…well, that’s a sure-fire recipe for success!

If you are interested in hiring a coach, we would suggest you give the following coaches serious consideration. All of the coaches listed below have a great deal of experience in power-based training and we are certain they could provide you with the tools you need to help reach your goals.

If you’re a coach and would like to be be considered for our list, please contact us.

Robert Grissom
Positive Performance Coaching
Louisville, KY
[email protected]

John Cheetham
Performance Cycle Coaching
Pleasanton, CA
[email protected]

Scott Barnes
Zone Based Training
Bentonville, AR
[email protected]

Joe Friel
Scottsdale, AZ
[email protected]

Rob Manning
Tailwind Coaching
Lebanon, NJ
[email protected]

Mikael Hanson
Enhance Sports
New York, NY
[email protected]

Nicole Odell
NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness
Colorado Springs, CO
[email protected]

Peter Wimberg
Wimberg Fitness Coaching
Cincinnati, OH
[email protected]

Paul Kinney
Kinney Multisport, LLC
San Ramon, CA
[email protected]

Shayne Gaffney
GC Coaching
Windham, NH
[email protected] com

Kolie Moore
Empirical Cycling
Boston, MA
[email protected]

Coach George Ganoung
Otterhaus Performance Coaching
Hedgesville, WV
[email protected]

Nadja Tapkas
Gotta Tri It
Charlotte, NC
[email protected]

Andy Lakatosh
BIG Picture Cycling
Trexlertown, PA
USAC Level 1 Coach
[email protected]

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