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2023 Cycling Power Meter Trends and Key Insights

As one of the the largest power meter retailers in the world, we have unique insight into the state of power meters and to an extent, the bike industry as a whole. With this knowledge, we wanted to look back at 2023 and provide information on cycling power meter trends and key insights to where we believe the industry is moving. Here we’ll explore the top brands, power meters sold and provide our insights into the latest trends in the industry.

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Power Meters by Disciplines

2023 Most Popular Power Meter By Discipline



Road power meters continue to thrive and dominate the market. They easily make up most of the power meters that riders are looking to purchase. Mountain bike power meters have increased in popularity as they have become more affordable and the compatibility has been increased. This results in seeing more MTB riders adding power to their current crankset. Gravel has been growing considerably as well. We largely attribute this to the increase in gravel racing that the U.S. has seen. With high profile series like the Life Time Grand Prix, we only expect gravel power meters to become more popular.

1. SRAM/Quarq
2. power2max
3. Stages
4. Favero
5. 4iiii

SRAM/Quarq comes in as the most popular power meter brand of 2023. With their growing groupset offerings and more affordable power meters, we’re not surprised to see them take the top spot. power2max takes the second spot on our list. With spider-based power meters for most cranksets, they are a popular upgrade option for both road and MTB riders. Stages continues and be a popular option for those looking for a single-sided power meter. Favero and 4iiii round out our top five.

While we haven’t listed Sigeyi in our top 5, they have quickly become one of our most popular brands. We have only carried their products since July of 2023, but their affordable and large selection of power meters has made them a favorite for our customers in the second half of 2023.

SRAM Rival AXS Power Meter Crank Arm

The SRAM Rival AXS power meter has blown the competition out of the water this year. Making an easy and affordable upgrade for riders who are on the AXS groupset, we can see why. Favero DUO pedals continue to be a strong option, but the Sigeyi AXO for SRAM MTB spiders follow closely behind. The Sigeyi AXO power meter gets an asterisk because we have only carried Sigeyi power meters for 6 months. They have quickly become one of our most popular power meters so we have estimated sales for the year based on Q4 sales. Even without a sales estimation, this power meter made the top five. power2max followed Sigeyi with their option for SRAM MTB power meters and 4iiii closes out the list with a power meter upgrade for Shimano 11-speed GRX groupsets.


Road Power Meters By Category

Crank arms are easily the most popular type of road power meter that we offer. They are affordable and easy to install, making it a great selection for many riders. This year we have seen more riders replacing their entire crankset and often times they use it as an opportunity to upgrade their crankset to be lighter as well. Pedals and spider-based power meters follow closely behind.


MTB Power Meters By Category

Spider-based power meters have the most compatible options for the myriad of MTB cranksets available. While pedals are a simple install, they are vunerable to impacts, which results in us seeing more spiders and complete cranksets being sold. Individual crank arms are an option as well, but are available for fewer cranksets.

Single vs. Dual Sided Power Meters


Single vs. Dual Sided Power Meters - Road

Road single vs. dual-sided power meters is as evenly split as possible. We see many riders purchasing single-sided power meters to upgrade their cranksets because it is easy and affordable. But with spider-based power meters becoming more compatible and affordable, many opt for the extra data.


Single vs. Dual Sided Power Meters - MTB

MTB is heavily dual-side power meter friendly. This is due to most riders using spider-based power meters. With many aftermarket options and compatibility quickly catching up to almost all MTB cranksets, upgrading has never been easier.

*Spider-based power meters qualified as dual-sided power meters. Although many use an algorithm to determine left/right power, they do provide data for each leg.

Most Expensive Power Meter

We pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of power meters. This means offering all types of power meters at various price points. This year’s most expensive build is one that any of us would drool over.

$2904.12 – SRM PM9 Campagnolo 12-Speed Power Meter

SRM Campagnolo 12-Speed Power Meter

Most Frequently Asked Questions

• What Powers Meter Options Are There For Existing Cranksets?

As power meters have become more affordable, more riders are upgrading their drivetrains to include power meters. There are only a few cases in which there is no compatible option to upgrade a crankset. We often recommend our customers think about if they want a specific manufacturer, consider cost and what kind of power meter they are looking for. There is generally an option for everyone and manufacturer, price and power meter type are the best way to help narrow down the options.

• Should I Get A Dual-sided Or Single-Sided Power Meter?

This answer is often a decision a customer has to make based on price and data they are interested in. Dual sided power meters are often more expensive, but do provide riders with additional information they can use for their training. Single-sided power meters are less expensive but will provide riders with less information.

• Should I Get A Crank-Based Or Pedal-Based Power Meter?

This is always a tricky one to answer without a deep dive into how a rider is going to use their power meter. For riders that often like to move power meters between different bikes, we always recommend pedals. This is the easiest type of power meter to swap back and forth. For gravel or MTB riders, we recommend considering the type of riding you’re doing. Is it rough and rocky? If so, pedal power meters are more exposed than crank-based power meters which can leave them venerable to damage. For roadies, are you married to the type of pedals you are currently using? If so, we recommend crank-based so you can keep your contact points happy. 

• Shorter Crank Arms

This is a 20 year trend that originally started in the triathlon community as shorter cranks can lead to a more aerodynamic position. This has most recently caught on in mountain biking and is slowly making its way into the road scene. Shorter cranks can reduce the the amount of rock strikes that MTB riders experience and give riders on the road additional clearance to pedal through corners. Additionally, it can help open a rider’s hip angle. We are generally a fan of shorter cranks, but always recommend consulting with a bike fitter for the perfect length for you. 

• 1x Chainring Drivetrains

1x drivetrains are not just for mountain bikes anymore.  As cassettes have gotten larger, gravel and some road riders have opted to ditch the front derailleur completely. World Tour team Visma-Lease a Bike runs a 1x and their success speaks for itself. 1x drivetrains give riders simplicity in shifting and saves weight without the need for 2 chainrings and a front derailleur. As they have become more popular, 1x chainrings have become available in an array of materials, shapes, styles and colors.

• Decrease In Troubleshooting

Power meters are better than ever. This may be frustrating to hear as customers can still experience issues with their power meters, but the technology and manufacturing is better than ever. The expanding variety of functions has not diminished quality. In fact, the competitive nature of the business has demanded that quality remain high. We’re happy to see fewer customers having issues with their power meters. 

• More Rechargeable Batteries

While there are still power meters that use a replaceable battery, it is becoming more popular for power meters to come with a rechargeable battery. For riders that stick to a single manufacturer for multiple power meters, it can be nice to only need one charge cord for multiple power meters. 

Aidan Clouse

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