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PowerTap P1S Upgrade Pedal

The PowerTap P1S upgrade pedal has not yet been introduced or officially launched by PowerTap. By way of background, PowerTap, Favero Electronics and Garmin all offer pedal-based power meters. Likewise, all three brands offer both a dual-sided pedal as well as a single-sided pedal at a lower cost. The dual-sided pedal has a power sensor in each pedal. It can therefore measure total power a bit more precisely than it’s single-sided counterpart. In addition, the dual-sided pedal can measure independent left/right power. The single-sided version has a power sensor in the left pedal only. It essentially doubles your left leg power in order to estimate your total power.

Banner image for our PowerTap P1S Upgrade Pedal article


PowerTap P1S Upgrade Pedal

Favero and Garmin

Currently, both Favero and Garmin offer a single-side pedal upgrade. If you buy the left-only power meter pedal, at any point in the future, you can buy a right pedal with power (the upgrade pedal), in order to have a complete, dual-sided system. Note that it’s cheaper to buy the dual-sided system initially then it is to buy and left pedal and upgrade later. However, the ability to upgrade later is still a nice option.

For example, the Garmin Vector 3S (single-sided pedal) is $599 and the upgrade pedal is $499, for a total of $1,098. You can buy the dual-sided Garmin Vector 3 for $999, approximately $100 less. Similarly, you can purchase the Assioma UNO (Favero’s single-sided pedal) for $519 and the upgrade pedal for $499, for a total of $1,018. The dual-sided Assioma DUO can be had for $799, approximately $219 less.



If you’re in the market for the PowerTap pedal, your options are the PowerTap P1 vs P1S. The dual-sided PowerTap P1 sells for $999 whereas the PowerTap P1S (single-sided version) sells for $599. As previously mentioned however, PowerTap has not yet introduced their P1S upgrade pedal. The PowerTap P1S upgrade pedal would allow you to purchase a P1S and then buy the upgrade pedal at a later date in order to have a dual-sided system. We expect pricing for the PowerTap P1 upgrade pedal to be around the $499 mark. This pricing would follow suit with Garmin and Favero upgrade pricing. Regarding availability…we would expect to see something by the end of 2017…but only time will tell!

Oh, and if you’re looking for the PowerTap P2 (the next generation of the PowerTap pedal), we would expect to see something in 2018, but likely not before then. The current version P1 is has only been out for about two years and it still quite popular – so we don’t see PowerTap announcing a replacement in the immediate future. As always, please check back with us for updates!

PowerTap P1 Pedal

Image of a pair of PowerTap P1 Pedals
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